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The Iranian regime was able to turn the Houthis in Yemen into a puppet which only moves and acts according to the Mullahs’ will in Tehran, in turn making the Houthis look like a hive of ignorance that does not know itself what it says or does, to the extent that the Houthis obey orders without taking any consideration as to their consequences. Just recently, a resounding scandal attributed to this group has been revealed, thanks to the depths of their ignorance and their blind subjection to the mullahs. They revealed to the world unmanned aerial drones, manufactured by the Houthi group locally, including one offensive and three other exploratory. This incident put the Houthis under the firing line of heavy ridicule from politicians, Yemeni journalists, observers, and experts.

In fact, according to experts and observers, what has been introduced by the Houthi group is a type of unmanned drone which has been smuggled by the Iranian regime’s external arm, the Quds Force, to the rebel Houthi groups in the recent period in order to encourage them to proceed in their coup and defy the international community, as well as frighten the Yemeni people through their force and terrorize them with these outdated drones.

The engineers of the Iranian regime’s terrorism, headed by notorious Qasem Soleimani, have deluded the Houthi group with the strength of these drones and their ability to enhance the state of rebellion and coup being led by them against legitimacy, and brought them to believe that using them against the Yemeni people would help to prolong the conflict and anarchy.

The Iranian orders came to their agents in Yemen to present these drones and announce that they were manufactured locally. The Houthis were not aware what they were doing, which invited a wave of cynicism because of the poor quality of these drones and the claim that they were the ones producing the drones. This announcement came after having suffered several successive defeats at the hands of the Arab coalition and the National Army troops on the west coast of Yemen, with the continued military operations towards the port of Hodeida.

What has increased the amazement of observers is that Yemen has not recorded any military industry in this aspect before. Moreover, manufacturing such unmanned drones would require a significant length of time, large sums of money, and a vast amount of experience; something which the Houthis are lacking in completely, making this stunt all the more obvious and ridiculous.

This announcement has been accompanied by a wave of satirical reactions, most notably by the former Houthi leader Ali Bukhaiti, who said, “The Houthis’ scandal of producing drones shows that the group no longer cares about anything at all, and is not ashamed of anything. It exceeded all barriers of insolence and exploitation”, and added, “The Houthis’ drones were not only a scandal, but it demonstrated untreatable stupidity; you show pictures of drones and forget there is something called Google!”

The Houthis’ announcement has proven for the umpteenth time the Iranian regime’s support for regional terrorism, and the fact that it’s providing for terrorist organizations in the region with weapons and money looted from the country’s wealth and entitlements of the Iranian people, who live miserably under the rule of velayat-e faqih. The Houthis’ move is nothing but a silly play of what Iran is offering them, a deception Iran is using on its own people as well, as these drones are just plastic models of aerial drones which are sold on the world market at low prices, according to a number of comments from experts on what this announcement by the Houthis.

Moreover, this announcement reminds us of the weapons, which have long been announced by Tehran and sparked a wave of ridicule, especially by the Iranians themselves, when comparing them to the level of the Iranian regime leaders’ threats to the whole world. For instance, some Iranians commented on the images published by the “Deutsche Welle” page on Facebook, and said: “you have disgraced us before Saudi Arabia, and another said: “we look fools to the Arabs”.

A report by experts from the United Nations has revealed recently another scandal of the Iranian regime in its desperate support to the Houthis in Yemen for the continuation of the coup and thwarting all political and peaceful solutions. This report showed the Iranian arms smuggling to the Houthi group by sea, including the so-called “method of ant”, a method based on the individual transport of weapons and supplies through marine ports.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

01 March 2017

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