Doha’s rulers continue to waste the Qataris’ money, by exploiting the abundant gas revenues, to recruit people abroad for defaming the UAE image through fake and prepaid activities. One of the windows that Qatar tried to open up to ease Gulf and Arab pressure on it, after its evident support for terrorism, was what the media outlets in Doha have said of launching Qatari campaign abroad to boycott the UAE by targeting it and distorting its reputation in the Western media with false allegations in the field of the Human Rights.

The Qatari’s hostile campaign against the Emirates of welfare, coexistence and openness has played the wrong card when it opened up the case of the foreign workers. In this regard in particular, Qatar is the last country can talk about that, because its file is burdened with innumerable transgressions and instead of attacking others, it should have looked at the situation of its workers who are building World Cup facilities, as this dangerous issue has not been closed at the international organizations and Doha has not been able to close it, especially with the increasing number of deaths of sports facilities workers who work in harsh conditions due to the panic Qatar has and its fear of failure to complete preparations for hosting the World Cup. On the other side, however, United Arab Emirates is confident of its white record in that matter, where it has a legislative establishment to ensure rights’ protection and guarantee universal standards and appropriate working conditions for all of its workers.

On the other hand, the Qatari quest to gain fake fame by buying international positions by pumping millions, the last of which was to seek the position of Director-General of the UNESCO, taking into consideration what that requires of paying millions for the propaganda campaigns and the high bribes all media outlets have spoken about, could be added to the scandal of bribes that have been paid by Qatar to select Doha for organizing the 2022 World Cup.

We know that Qatar is interested in buying sports clubs and players, however, it seems that the election mechanisms at UNESCO have opened the appetite of Doha to buy votes. Overall, UNESCO will gain nothing from Doha, as the latter sees the prestigious international positions as a commodity that can be added to its belongings!

At the ethical and cultural level, Qatar has put UNESCO in a bidding-like experience when Doha has been allowed to use its weight – not the cultural and scientific one, which it does not have – but its financial weight to control this organization. Everyone knows that Qatar is just a platform for extracting gas and using its revenues to fund conflicts and terrorist groups, and has no worthy experience to mention in the field of serving the global culture. Its only qualification is the wealth it has and spend foolishly, as well as years of uncertainty and political instability, and that what drive it to use money to run in competitions much bigger that than its size. Qatar sought by running for the director position in the most important international organization concerned in culture, knowledge and education to gain prestige and win titles that make it famous and to be always mentioned in the media, without any quest to serve the world culture and heritage.

Allowing UNESCO’s most sensitive position to be bid for was the reason behind the Qatari courage to apply for it, whose financial market has collapsed, and therefore wanted to offset its losses by gaining international positions. Unfortunately, the Qatari behaviour this year is diminishing the credibility and importance of UNESCO in the future because it role is much bigger that white-washing a state that its ultimate interest is to gain media attention to decorate its yellow newspapers.

Qatari ambitions to control UNESCO have been sad news for the world culture, raising fears of making an important organization under the authority and command of the terrorist Qatar. In addition to what Doha has pumped of millions to buy votes and to promote its candidate, the betting was also on the Qatari hypocrisy and approaching the Israelis by promising them not to open the case e of the city of Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa Mosque within UNESCO if Qatar had to win. We Do not forget that the Qatari obsession for showing off has coincided with exposing Doha by the Arab countries and putting it in an awkward position through taking a firm decision to put an end to Qatar’s support for terrorism and threaten its destructive practices to the national security of its neighbours. Therefore, when Qatar found itself in a critical and exposed position. it tried to open a new window to escape the regional enticements, hence, the UNESCO option finally came to offer some kind of distraction and media entertainment that Doha can exploit, but that option has broken and it is over now.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

16 October   2017