Wasting billions of dollars and granting economic concessions to international companies, including Zionist ones, is no longer useful in white-washing the terrorist activities of the Qatari regime or for polishing the image of Doha at the international level as the country’s economy is very close to collapse and bankruptcy is around the corner on the domestic scene. The entire world has become certain more than ever of the terrorist nature of the Qatari regime, which failed to garner supportive positions for its policies apart from some mercenaries and hired and unworthy writers. After all this stubbornness and failure, a coup attempt is swirling around the Emiri Palace in Doha.

The current domestic situation in Qatar faces serious risks, mainly because of division and the escalation of political and economic problems. The conflict among the symbols of the regime made things worse and started to threaten of its fall, especially after some reports mentioning of a conflict between the military institution and the regime in Qatar as well as growing tensions between Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad and his cousins represented by Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali after the repressive measures taken by the Emir of Qatar against Ibn Ali and his supporters, which will increase the desire for revenge within the family as well as the opposition to the regime within the Qatari society which has a huge respect to Abdullah bin Ali, and the news of the formation of a transitional Qatari government to run the country after the elimination of near-collapsed regime, prompting Hamad bin Jassim and Hamad bin Khalifa in confrontation with a real threat of an actual coup.

The fear of coups has been occupying the minds of the Qatari Emiri Palace habitants for long for what the ruling family had of huge record of coups. This has been increased even more after the regime’s rebellion and its insistence on breaking away from the Arab and Gulf ranks and its support to groups and regimes that committed massacres against the Arab peoples and spread chaos and instability. What confirms these growing concerns is the new suppressive approach of the Qatari regime against the Qatari opposition, through freezing of their bank accounts, arrests and threats. It is clear that the local political environment is moving in this direction and towards a coup if we consider the statements and positions of opponents from the Al Thani family, mainly Mubarak bin Khalifa bin Saud al-Thani and Sheikh Sultan bin Suhaim al-Thani, who mentioned in a tweet about the wait of a historic event, a tweet that raised huge speculation about the imminent coup.

The overthrow of the Qatari regime has become a necessity at the Qatari, Gulf and Arab levels for several reasons, including:

First: The elimination of the regime there has become a key factor to restore the cohesion of the families and tribes in the Gulf States and to re-establish the serious and reliable relations because of the discontent the Qatari regime has provoked within the Gulf and Arab society and led to the isolation of the Qatari people from the Arab body.

Second: The only solution to the current crisis, bringing Qatar back into the Arab and Gulf ranks, improving the internal situation and saving the country from the clutches of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood and from sliding into the abyss has become dependent on the elimination of this regime, after its thwarting all endeavours and after the decision to comply with the demands of the Arab quartet became a property of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Third: The continuation of the Qatari regime in power means continued support for terrorism and conspiracies against Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, especially that Doha has become a refuge for terrorist leaders and for all who oppose the Arab regimes, especially those three latter countries.

Fourth: The elimination of the Qatari regime has become an integral part of the regional and global counterterrorism process as it is currently not possible to disassociate this regime from the terrorist groups or stop supporting them because of the deep-rooted relations between the two parties as well as the wide range of methods to support and fund them.

Fifth: Halting the expansion and interference of Iran and Turkey in the region cannot be achieved without the elimination of the Qatari regime, which has become a bridge through which the plots of the Mullahs and Erdogan come through and turned Doha into a hub for the Iranian intelligence and the Revolutionary Guard.

 Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

25 October   2017