What is surprising is that the Qatari regime, despite all that has been revealed so far, has not realized that it is struggling to survive by its insistence on its policies of supporting terrorism and throwing itself in the bosom of the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. It is certain that this regime has developed schizophrenia, in which the patient lives in a disorder of thinking that leads to create a world of illusions in which he lives, believes and escapes reality. In short, he lives in a world of illusions. This is the only diagnosis of the Qatari regime’s situation when looking at its intransigence and its insistence on achieving subversive objectives by supporting terrorist groups, rejecting the Arab demands and running behind illusory forces for the illusion of turning it into a regional superpower!

It is certain that the paranoia that has accompanied the Qatari regime since its establishment in the nineties of the last century has increased and led to a more fatal and deadly disease that has separated the regime from reality and pushed it to insist on its hostile positions and policies and then made it extremely aggressive to a very suicidal limit by which it would not hesitate to destroy the country completely. What is dangerous is that those who are benefitted from the crazy situation of the Qatari regime are the same who run the country according to the desires and madness of the regime in return of personal benefits and interests at the expense of the interests of the country and citizens.

Through the psychological studies of the symbols of the Qatari regime and what the recent interview with Hamad bin Jassim has offered of explicit confessions of supporting terrorism, it is clear beyond any doubt that these people have serious psychological disorders that require international decisiveness and joint Arab strategy to separate Qatar from its ruling regime and to save it from its hysteric leaders who are leading it into the abyss after turning it into a center to support terrorism, a shelter for extremist group leaders and intelligence rooms of the Revolutionary Guard and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as wasting the Qatari’s money to buy the loyalties of extremist regimes and organizations to protect it from falling later.

The regime in Doha suffers from a political paranoia that separates it from reality. This can be confirmed through the many coups that took place in this paranoid regime and its attempt since its inception to buy the world with money and illusions and to control it with terrorism and the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. This condition has worsened since Morsi’s claiming power in Egypt and after Qatar paid about half of its treasury for this goal, which was quickly aborted by the Egyptian people and the steadfastness of its national army. After the Qatari regime thought that it had taken control of the Arab political decision and began to achieve its false dreams, it fell dramatically after the Arab regimes stood firmly with the Egyptian people against the terror of the Muslim Brotherhood and their destructive plans. Consequently, the Qatari regime sought to avenge Arab peoples and regimes aggressively, which is the secret behind Qatar’s support for terrorism and fuelling strife and divisions in the Arab countries.

The policies of the Qatari regime are threatening the future of Qatar and the whole region. If this continues, it means more terrorism and Iranian intervention, while the Arab and international community is looking to fight terrorism and to put an end to the chaos that the Qatari and Iranian regimes have spread, which is a popular demand before being a governmental one, where all countries and its organs must unite. This calls for firmness as soon as possible for the bad repercussions of prolonging this crisis, especially on the Qatari domestic society.

Because the reason of the intransigence of the Qatari regime on its policies is due to the Iranian Safavid, the Ottoman Turkish and the Israeli Zionist projects since these three sides stand behind the Qatari regime and force it to continue its hostile policies and to reject the Arab demands, with the aim of draining the resources of the Gulf and Arab states and weaken their peoples, regimes and armies, and after the Qatari regime became hostage and occupied by these ambitions, it became necessary to liberate the Qatari state and the Qatari people from these hostile elements that target the entire Arab nation by using the Qatari regime, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood to achieve these three expansionist projects at the expense of the Arab region.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

30 October   2017