01 Nov

After exhausting all methods of manipulation and fabrication in its media war against the Arab quartet countries, the Qatari media started to look for new means of its attack in a very confusing way that revealed its frailty and its use of political and media projection in dealing with the current crisis as well as its attempt to cover up Doha’s support for terrorist groups with forged stories and reports. Such stories can only come and produced by a hypocrite but at the same time, only ignorant are the ones who would believe!

The followed approach by the Qatari media is based on two principles: first: the psychological projection, and second: the denial of reality. the psychological projection in politics and media happens when country cannot see or imagine anything that is separated from its desire and wishes. In Qatar, any observer or researcher can realize the projection in the Qatari media coverage and through their programs, especially Al-Jazeera channel, which has taken from Tehran an example in its reports, articles and fabrications have nothing to do with reality! In fact, Al-Jazeera coverage reflects the reality of the Qatari regime and its destructive policies which is trying to blame the boycotting countries for and these which fight terrorism, especially the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

By denying reality, the Qatari media seeks to cover up the facts through the bustle and intransigence of rejecting the truth and insisting on forgery, spreading fabrications, jumping to results before foreheads and putting vehicles in front of the horses. This media insists on denying reality and replacing it with a virtual imagination. However, the truth is that those who wait for the vehicles to pull the horses will not be able to properly plan and run, and will only gain disappointment and destruction and better to retire from any administrative or leadership position, as the many fabrications and denial of reality will not change anything, and the noise will only hurt their owners!

The Qatari media’s role now is similar to Sancho’s role in Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra’s novel, Don Quixote, in which his job was to inform people of his master’s victories, as is now the case in the Qatari media, which is detached from reality, dreaming of the regime’s fanciful victories and blaming and accusing the UAE and Saudi Arabia because of their insistence on combating terrorism and putting an end to the Qatari, Ikhwani and Iranian activities that are threatening the security and stability of the region.

The Qatari media has gone too far in its loyalty to the ideology of the Qatari regime and has distanced itself completely from the humanitarian issues and the real goals of the media and journalism profession. It is the same swamp that is steeped in the Iranian and the Muslim Brotherhood’s media. This proves that there is an Iranian-Ikhwani management for the Qatari media that is used as a mean to distort the image of the Arab regimes that stood against the destructive Ikhwani-Persian’s project.

It seems that the Qatari media has started to lack specialized and professional cadres because of its reliance on hiring pens and loyalties. After the media professionals refused to work with the Qatari regime’s media for its misrepresentation, falsification and fabrication, the regime relied mainly on non-professional and those who are unable to work professionally and do not care about accuracy in their job as much as they care about fame and accessing the media arena and implementing the will of the financier.

The Qatari regime has not stopped wasting billions of dollars on its propaganda campaign and publishing thousands of ads in a quest to improve the image of its hostile policies and terrorist behavior and in order to delude the world of the injustice actions of the boycotting countries against it because of its continued support for terrorism and its threat to Gulf and Arab national security. Through monitoring the Iranian media, its fifth column and the International Muslim Brotherhood, it is clear that there is constant and continuous media coordination between these three bodies and that they have the exact propaganda materials which are consolidated and then translated into and from Farsi to white-wash the Qatari terrorism and to distort the image of the Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

1  November   2017