02 Nov

Perhaps the most prominent characteristic of the Iranian regime, after being a dictatorship, is the suicidal manner it is pursuing in order to escape the fall at home by provoking irrational wars that cover its internal problems, in addition to drag the region into chaos in order to shuffle the cards and slowing down the growth and prosperity of the countries of the region, especially the Gulf ones, since Iran hopes that all countries of the region will have the similar failure it has.

The main factor behind this destructive project inside Iran is the Revolutionary Guard, which is trying to provoke some Western powers, especially the United States, and drag it into a devastating war in the region. what is dangerous is that the Iranian regime is a type of suicidal regime that does not care for the security of its people or for the interest of its country, however, all that matters to it is how to survive and how to rule the Iranian people for as long as possible. Nonetheless, leaders of the region, especially the Gulf ones, are fully aware of that and they are working hard to stop the Iranian recklessness, maintain the security of the region and peoples and protect scientific achievements and development. Wars only bring destruction, retardation and shed blood. However, The Iranian regime and its Revolutionary Guard are currently adopting a destructive project aimed at provoking the Western forces to drag them into a war in the region, and that requires a regional Arab unity to abort the Persian plan, which receives intelligence support from Israel, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood, and the only losers out of this would be the peoples of the region.

The threats by the Revolutionary Guards’ commander, Mohammad Ali Jafari, against Washington that the Iranian missiles do not require to increase their range of 2,000 kilometers, as they are already capable of hitting US forces and interests in the region, is nothing but an implementation of the American-Russian-Zionist desire of finding a pretext for military intervention in the region to plunder its resources, using the threats of the Iranian regime as an excuse!

The Iranian leadership is fully aware that its threats to the United States are merely to irritate it, especially that these threats have not had any effect within the United States, which last week supported the imposition of new sanctions on Iran’s ballistic missile program. Trump also urged US allies to join Washington in taking strong action to stop the dangerous and destabilizing behavior of Iran, including sanctions’ imposing aimed at its program to develop missiles, and imposing sanctions on the Revolutionary Guard and classifying it as a terrorist organization.

Tehran relies on five tools and weapons in its threat to start a war. By promoting them, Iran tends to put the international community in front of two options, either to drag the region into a comprehensive war or to stop targeting the Iranian project in the region. These outdated tools and weapons are:

  • The Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard, classified as a terrorist entity with almost 15,000 members, is considered as a threat to the security of the region because of its terrorist operations in the countries of the region.
  • Ballistic Missiles: according to official stories, Iran has a range of missiles, with an approximate range of 1000 miles, including Emad missiles, the Shahab group and others. These missiles are usually regarded by Iranian military commanders a symbol of their strength and threat to the security of the region.
  • Speed Boats: Iran considers these boats as a tool through which it can hit the export of oil in the Arabian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz. According to the Iranians, these boats can close the Strait of Hormuz or obstruct the movement of tankers. The Revolutionary Guard also have a number of these armed speed boats that can disrupt the ports and facilities of the countries in the region.
  • Ghadeer Submarines: Some leaders in Tehran believe that submarines can carry out underwater attacks on marine establishments of the countries in the region. These submarines can also send terrorist elements belonging to the Quds Force into the territory of neighboring countries to carry out Military and terrorist operations!
  • Soumar Cruise Missiles: Iran is believed to have developed a long-range cruise missile under the name of Soumar with a range of almost 1,500 miles, however, this story remains doubtful as Iran might have tried but failed to develop such missiles, but it uses them in its psychological war against the countries of the region, especially the Gulf ones.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

2  November   2017