07 Nov

In its first comment on Houthi’s failed attempts to target Saudi Arabia with Iranian missiles, Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it rejects any direct or indiscriminate attacks against civilians and consider that as a violation of international humanitarian law. However, facts and indications point out to the role of the Qatari intelligence in the Houthis’ attempts to target the kingdom with Iranian missiles which had entered Yemen with the help of the Qatari intelligence and the Revolutionary Guard.

When Qatar was part of the Arab Coalition to restore legitimacy in Yemen, the Qatari Intelligence provided the Houthis with important and sensitive information about the UAE and Saudi Army groups and supporters of legitimacy in Yemen, which led to the killing of more than 45 Emirati soldiers and other Bahrainis, Saudis and Yemenis. Qatar has played a key role in providing the Houthi group with vital information about coalition forces and their whereabouts. Reports also confirmed that the Qatari intelligence has provided information to terrorist groups to target the headquarters of the UAE and coalition forces in Yemen.

This coordination and cooperation between Qatar and the Houthis existed even during the Qatari participation in the Arab Coalition, therefore, if this is the situation before the expulsion of Qatar from the coalition after its betrayal and insist on supporting terrorism, and before being boycotted by the Arab quartet, how then is the situation now?! It is certain that cooperation has increased between Qatar on the one hand and Iran and the Houthis on the other in all areas, especially the military, arms smuggling and sending missiles to Yemen in order to target the security of Saudi Arabia and the UAE. and this gives a straightforward evidence of Qatar’s involvement in Houthi’s attempts to target Saudi Arabia with Iranian ballistic missiles, by smuggling them into Yemen piece by piece and then re-assemble them inside Yemen to target the Gulf States.

The military and security agreements between Doha and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, majority of it are still secret, is another evidence of the Qatari regime involvement in supporting Houthis with missiles to target the Gulf States. Qatar’s cooperation with Iran is no longer a secret, and it certainly includes all sectors, especially on the Yemeni and Iraqi arenas. And there is no doubt that bilateral cooperation will be strengthened in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria in an attempt to target the Arab and Gulf countries in more than one front, especially after publishing reports about bases and military stores the Revolutionary Guard is establishing in southern Iraq near Saudi Arabia.

The Qatari regime aims of supporting the Houthi group to take revenge on the boycotting countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Through attempts to destabilize its security and stability, Qatar seeks to ease the pressure on it by distracting these countries in protecting their security rather than fighting terrorism and ending Qatar’s destructive behavior. When Qatar was filled with hatred against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates because of their anti-terrorism stance, the Qatari regime was looking for any means of retaliation against these countries and to prove loyalty to the mullahs in Tehran.

Supporting Houthis with missiles from Tehran and Doha to strike Saudi Arabia is an act of war, a military aggression and flagrant violation of Security Council resolutions, especially the resolution 2216, and a violation of international norms that prevent the arming of these militias. This is also clear evidence of the Iranian and Qatari support for terrorist groups to target neighboring countries as well as international security and peace in the region and the world. This also opens the door wide for Saudi Arabia and the countries of the region to punish the symbols of the Iranian and the Qatari regimes as well as the Houthi militias. More importantly, proving the support of Qatar and Iran to the Houthi militias with rockets fired at Saudi Arabia, gives the right to the four Arab states to intervene militarily in Qatar and Iran to protect their national security and without any conflict with any of the resolutions of the Security Council and international conventions.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

7 November   2017