After a wave of anger and mass protests broke out on a large scale after the US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had to say that the final status of Jerusalem would be left to negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. He also reiterated that moving the US Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem could take at least three years, if no longer, “according to the best possibilities,” as he put it.

Regardless of the assurances, it can be said that Trump had achieved his goal from announcing the decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Without any consideration for the feelings of Muslims and their spiritual sympathy towards the city of Jerusalem, Trump wanted from the international media to be preoccupied with the repercussions, demonstrations and analyzes rejecting his decision on Jerusalem. Despite the firm commitment of all previous US administrations to support and protect Israel’s security, Trump’s decision was primarily concerned with easing the pressure he was facing personally. Therefore, he sought to divert attention away from the crises that haunt the White House during his tenure.

A famous term in American politics is called “Wag the Dog”. The exact translation does not necessarily give the literal meaning, because this term in the US policy dictionary usually symbolizes the actions or attitudes taken to distract American society from scandals or internal failures that embarrass the ruling administration. This method is usually based on creating an atmosphere or events that attract global attention and at the same time the attention of the American interior. And that is precisely what is happening in Donald Trump’s move to activate a delayed US law since 1995 in which the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli state.

Trump’s motives for making such a provocative decision are many, notably the declining of his popularity among the American public as a result of mounting evidence of his inability and lacking political experience to sit on America’s leadership, unlike his predecessors, Trump is the most failed president and the least one to fulfill his electoral promises. One of the most prominent promises is the construction of a dividing wall between the United States and Mexico, with Mexico paying the financial costs! Trump also failed to cancel Obama Care’s health insurance program where his administration did not offer a successful alternative to this program!

On the external level, Trump’s intention to withdraw from the nuclear deal with Iran would have led to fatal consequences with his European partners. However, the biggest factor led to his unpopularity was the conclusion of investigations regarding his contacts with the Russians during his election campaign and the confirmation of having such communications. Nor should we forget the huge attacks by the many American media outlets and network against Trump, so he had no option but to resort to diverting attention and to enhance his popularity among the Zionist lobby and the American media, which is controlled largely by the Jews.

Trump was not the first President to use “Wag the Dog’s” policy. The history of the US presidency is filled with many presidents who have made foolish and unjustified decisions to save themselves and to distract the American voter. Most of these decisions were taken without considering the disastrous consequences. Perhaps, the most prominent example of the seriousness of such improvised decisions and their consequences is that Iran was very happy with Trump’s decision towards Jerusalem where the Iranian media and those funded by Tehran continue to exploit this event to the utmost extent within the framework of the continuous Iranian incitation of the peoples of the region under the slogans of Islam and sectarianism.

It is evident that the American Administration’s move before the final negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians and its attempt to offer Jerusalem to Israelis only serves terrorist groups, disrupts efforts to combat extremism and gives terrorists more justifications to attract desperate and frustrated people who see in such news a reason to seek extreme ways to unleash their despair and anger!

On the Palestinian side, Trump’s decision has revived the terrorist movement Hamas and reinforced its presence in the Palestinian street at the expense other Palestinian parties, which accept negotiations to reach a just settlement. In return, the peace process will lose credibility as much as the American mediator falls into fanaticism and bias towards the unlimited Israeli desires and ambitions.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

18 December   2017