What greatly reveals the Iranian regime’s confusion in dealing with the current uprising is its desperate moves to hide and obscure it and giving orders from time to time to all the media outlets not to publish any news related to the demonstrations and to focus only on the pro-regime marches and to keep promoting the statements and speeches of Revolutionary Guard’s commander Mohammad Ali Jafari which completely express his detachment from reality when saying that the demonstrations had ended and that things in all Iranian cities are becoming very well!

Those who follow what the Iranian newspapers and news agencies coverage to the uprising, and at the same time watch what social media is covering, especially Telegram channels and what they publish of videos and unambiguous images, become certain of the extent to which the Iranian regime has been falsely distorting the facts, and this reveals that all Iranian media including reformists, moderates and extremists work on fraud and distorting facts, and their main job is to obscure the reality of the Iranian interior and applauding the regime and promoting its false policies and reactionary ideas.

Forging and hiding facts is what the Iranian regime was doing all the time in order to give the image it wants about Iran to the public opinion. However, with the progress and the intensive access of the Internet by the Iranian citizens, the censorship was slowly getting out of the hands of the security system and every Iranian citizen was able to expose the truth through the means of social media, especially through Telegram, the most prevalent method of communication in Iran. For this reason, the current Iranian uprising is heading towards success and to overthrow the regime, as images and videos that have been published and continue to flow through social media prove that the demonstrations are continuing in Iranian cities until the overthrow of the Wali al-Faqih’s regime.

Reading the slogans echoed by the demonstrators in the Iranian cities, most notably “Death to the Dictator”, Khamenei, and we die to get Iran back, and what the videos showed of massive demonstrations in all major Iranian cities, including Tehran, the writing of “Death to Khamenei” slogan on walls in Tehran, Mashhad and a number of Iranian cities, the tearing of his photos as well as Khomeini’s and the circulating of public invitations to the Iranian peoples to participate in demonstrations around Iranian cities, all the above prove that the protests will continue in Iran and refute all  the Iranian authorities’ allegations that the demonstrations are over and that things have returned as they were!

Following the latest developments in Iran, several diabolical methods by the Revolutionary Guard to suppress demonstrations and intimidate protesters have been identified. The most important of these are setting fires where the demonstrators gather, publishing photographs for what it says are wanted and claiming that the detainees of the recent protest may face the death penalty. More importantly, what social media has revealed that since the outbreak of the demonstrations and their breadth, security officials have made frequent visits to Iranian prisons, especially Evin prison, to make deals with political prisoners so they appear on Iranian television and declare their support for the regime and their rejection of chaos and demonstrations in return for their release and other privileges. In addition, it was reported that the Revolutionary Guard is using criminals and thieves, including Hani Kordeh, to sabotage public properties, loot people’s money, and then taking photographs for that and then claiming on the state television that these acts have been carried out by the demonstrators to distort the image of the demonstrations and terrorizing the public.

In fact, unlike what Iranian media publishes, many Iranian cities have seen demonstrations. In Tehran there were massive demonstrations and several clashes between protesters and security forces. In Al-Ahwaz also demonstrations erupted and protesters chanted death to Khamenei. Videos from Al-Ahwaz have also showed demonstrators stepping on Khamenei’s photos and ripping them apart. The streets of Naderi were packed with demonstrators who shouted death to the dictator. The demonstrators stressed their continued demonstration until the overthrow of the Wali al-Faqih regime completely. In Al-Falahia in Al-Ahwaz as well, there were violent clashes between demonstrators and the security forces. Urmia also witnessed large demonstrations, and photos on social media showed the slogan “Death to Khamenei” written on a wall in the city of Urmia.  In addition, there were demonstrations in the city of Isfahan, during which clashes between demonstrators and security forces have took place, as well as Mashhad, where a video showed an Iranian woman who was writing death to Khamenei on a wall.

Demonstrations also broke out in Bandar Abbas, Abhar, Shahin Shahr and Maragheh in which all protesters raised the slogan “Death to Khamenei” and clashes between demonstrators and security forces took place, according to “Iran Azad” and “Amadnews” websites.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

7  January   2018