There are frightening numbers that can be categorized in the field of human trafficking and sex trade in Turkey, which did not stop under the rule of the AK Party led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Before we review some of these figures on this phenomenon from various sources, we must point out that the twaddle of the Muslim Brotherhood about their committed Turkish ally has fallen and it is all clear now the opportunistic relationship between the two parties. Turkey’s claims of being the leader of the Islamic world and the one that cares for its interests and represents its culture has fallen as well. The booming prostitution sector in Turkey contrasts with the false rhetoric and greedy exploitation of the regional issues by a country whose Muslim leader speaks about values and leads one of the most prominent parties of political Islam, while his party runs a government that is getting a revenue of over $ 4 billion a year from prostitution!

This awful activity is reflecting the credibility of the political discourse of the Turkish leadership and the ruling party. In other words, the positions and biases of the Turkish regime are merely a trade of positions that are not based on moral grounds, but rather can be categorized as a commodity sold by Turkey, exactly as it sells a cheap sex.

In the figures and statistics that are frequently circulated and are no longer are hidden, Erdogan’s party, which thinks itself the new successor of the Ottomans, has added during its rule of Turkey over the past 13 years the equivalent of 1680% as an increase in the number of women practicing prostitution in Turkey!

Prostitution is legal in Turkey in accordance with article 227 of Law No. 5237, which permits prostitution and legalizes the opening of dedicated houses to it. The Turkish government, run by the party which theoretically represents the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey, gives the necessary permits to the brothels and those who work there, while imprisoning all those who engage in illegal (unlicensed) prostitution activities and demolish any unlicensed brothels.

According to the Internet encyclopaedias, which monitor tourist information from one country to another, prostitution in Turkey is legal and organized and the only thing women need to do before working in that field is to obtain a special government card and to be subjected to continuous health check, while there are brothels under direct government supervision in most Turkish cities.

According to sources regarding this awful activity, there are about 15,000 licensed brothels in Turkey and many more unlicensed! The latest figures on the financial outcome of this dirty trade in Turkey have shown that it generates more than 4 billion dollars a year to the Turkish economy. Therefore, Turkey ranks tenth in the world in this trade, despite being an Islamic country and governed by a party that represents the Muslim Brotherhood, but it is following the footsteps of this group of politicizing religion and exploiting it to reach power.

Istanbul came first among the Turkish cities for the number of licensed and unlicensed brothels. Interestingly, workers in this sector there have established their own trade union! According to the latest published statistics on the phenomenon in Turkey, the number of prostitution workers has increased by three times over the past 10 years, reaching 300,000 people!

It is also strange that the latest news published by Turkish newspapers on this matter, have mentioned the Turkish government’s move against those who were described as illegal and unlicensed prostitution only, while taking no action to stop human trafficking under the guise of legal prostitution!

Turkey has more than 100,000 sluts in 55 different cities, according to the Turkish newspaper, al-Wahda. Previous media reports have mentioned the tricks of the sex mafia traffickers to bring foreign girls under the pretext of working in Turkey and then throwing them into prostitution.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

9  January   2018