Since the terrorist ISIS’ bloody inception in Syria and Iraq, its name was associated with regional regimes aimed at spreading terrorism and instability to achieve expansionist ambitions at the expense of the lives of the peoples of the region, mainly the regional terrorism triangle Turkey, Qatar and Iran.

Turkey has used ISIS and the other terrorist and extremist groups as a pretext to intervene in the countries of the region. The evidence of Turkey’s support for terrorism in Syria and Iraq is clear and obvious as well as Erdogan’s attempts to ignite strife and differences in safe Arab countries and sending his terrorist groups there so that he can move forward with his plan to control the Arab states and to restore Erdogan’s empire alongside Khomeini’s empire and the imaginary Caliphate of Hamad bin Khalifa.

The evidences of Erdogan’s support for terrorism in the region are very numerous, the latest of which was revealed by the German state television ARD in a new report on the existence of a camp of the terrorist group of ISIS in the city of Gaziantep in southern Turkey, where the Turkish army and under the supervision of Erdogan prepares and trains these groups were then transferred to Syria and Iraq. German television said that Turkey is the biggest supporter of this terrorist organization, although the Justice and Development Party has repeatedly denied that. German reports have also revealed that ISIS has an informal office in Istanbul, in north-western Turkey, through which it organizes for the support and supply the fighters in Syria and Iraq with foreign terrorists.

The German channel quoted reliable sources that there are three sites containing training camps and recruitment of terrorists in Turkey. The first site is in the city of Kerman in the middle of Anatolia near Istanbul. The second is in the city of Osmania and the third in the city of Sanliurfa in south-eastern Turkey.

When Iran and Turkey were in enmity before Qatar succeeded in bringing them together at the table of the terrorist alliance, the official Iranian newspapers were full of reports and news that confirmed Turkey’s support for terrorism, particularly the ISIS. At the same time, Turkish newspapers published documents and evidence about Iranian support for terrorist group, and both were right.

Turkey is still the major route for terrorist elements, which were sometimes directed towards Iran. The latter has been the main supporter of Sunni and Shiite terrorist groups, which have also been directed towards Turkey for some time. However, today, an agreement and an alliance have been made to ensure coordination and to direct the tripartite efforts of Iran, Turkey and Qatar towards targeting the security and stability of the Arab countries, especially those which fight terrorism.

It seems that Turkey, Qatar and Iran have all agreed to destabilize the region and spread terrorist groups to terrorize the Arab peoples and weaken the regimes there and then creating security breaches by which they can carry out their expansionist projects and plans with designating Turkey as a hub to train terrorist groups and then spread them in the Arab countries.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

9  January   2018