The Turkish intervention in the Syrian crisis has covered several areas, including the support of the terrorist factions that wreaked havoc in many Syrian cities in the name of a revolution consistent with the objectives of the Turkish supporter who wanted to destroy Syria and prevent any kind of political solutions in the future. After all this tampering and vandalism, Turkey did nothing to ease the suffering of the Syrians and to protect them from the dangers of thinking to ride the waves of escape to Europe.

When we remember the death boats that used to carry thousands of Syrian refugees from the Turkish shores towards Greece. We also recall the international media’s coverage and how busy they were in circulating the horrific images of drowned bodies in the sea and on the beaches, but no one thought of asking to conduct thorough and transparent investigation of the Turkish official dirty role in turning these refugees into exportable objects and putting their lives in danger. Not to mention the Turkish attempts to dump Europe with refugees, for whom Turkey was merely an unsafe transit station. Turkey gave so little support to some of the Syrians who were able to support themselves financially and to invest in small projects that revived much of Turkish areas, despite the low wages and the exploitation they have suffered. On the other side, authorities in Turkey did nothing for those affected and in dare need for security and support, simply because they did have nothing to offer and no money to give to Turkey. For those, the Turkish human traffickers were ready to hand them over to the smugglers, despite the possibility of them drowning, which happened to many people, young and old.

News observers also remember Refugee camps on the border between Syria and Turkey, as well as the camps inside Turkey itself. Refugees’ situation in Gaziantep, for example, is full of stories that completely summarize the sense of alienation and cruelty in dealing. The Turkish authorities tended to focus on the complaints of the local Turkish people and accordingly taking decisions that are mostly against the refugees, primarily deportation and detention in camps similar to detention centers.

The stories of the Syrian refugees and their escape trip to Europe from the Turkish repressive transit station has to be documented as no one has mentioned yet the suffering of those who fled the hell of the Syrian war into the hell of an unmerciful Turkey.

In this complicated matter, the Turkish authorities did not miss any chance to show off every often of repeating the news of the opening of large refugee camps, but hiding everything happening inside and the modest capabilities of these camps. It is clear that those who have had the opportunity to escape from these camps did not hesitate for a moment, despite the dangers of leaving Turkey by sea and the exploitation by the gangs and smugglers to their conditions and robbing their little money in exchange for promises to deliver them to the impossible safety!

Among the news regarding the Syrian refugee camps in Turkey was the opening of the largest camp of its kind in late January 2015. The details say that this camp, based in the city of Suruc, accommodates 35,000 people.

According to the statistics, according to its official records, Turkey has received no less than 1.7 million Syrian refugees since 2011. However, the stories of Syria refugees’ escape from Turkey remain the most talked about from the Turkish claims of providing them with exemplary care that no one has ever heard of. Despite the Turkish dubious role in the Syrian crisis, which required from it more humanitarian dealings with the Syrian refugees, However, confusion, exploitation and tampering have also shifted from the war field to the refugees question who did not find the safety sought by their peers in such harsh conditions.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

10  January   2018