11 Jan

In an ironic move that reveals how short minded are the Turkish officials who follow Erdogan’s moods and his psychological fluctuations, the Turkish capital Ankara has changed the name of the street and the area where the UAE embassy is located and replaced it with the name of a Turkish commander, whom historical sources referred at as a corrupted person who terrorized the people of Medina during the backward Ottoman occupation of parts of the Arab world.

The naive Turkish reaction indicates the shallow thinking of those who rule in Turkey and the sick mind of Erdogan, full of hatred towards Arab who is trying today to recall the Ottoman sultan to re-represent the racist role of the Ottoman Turks, especially that they have so far failed to understand the Arabs and assimilate their culture.

The ridiculous Turkish behaviour came after Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the United Arab Emirates, retweeted a post about some crimes of the Turkish occupation and their lootings of Arabic heritage and manuscripts. Erdogan’s response was personalized as he attacked Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed without naming him explicitly. Erdogan’s hatred extended to all Arabs, as he ordered to change the name of the street and the area where the UAE embassy is in the Turkish capital Ankara!

Observers of Turkey’s actions and decisions are aware of the superficiality of thinking and the low-mindedness of Turkish decision-makers. The Turks want to deny the history of their Ottoman predecessors who wreaked havoc in the region during their occupation under the name of the Ottoman caliphate.

We can apply on Erdogan and his obedient team the saying that is usually been given to those who have limited thinking and short mind, “Mules with birds’ minds.” The Turkish reaction is based on the inferiority complex because of the historical backgrounds and roots of the inherited Turkish hatred towards the Arabs.

Despite the Turks’ embrace of Islam, hostility and racist mentality towards Arabs continued to govern Turkish behaviour and their political positions. The proof of this is that this reckless behaviour will not harm the UAE as much as it reveals the Turkish attitude of making childish decisions that do not rise to the level of political messages that express a state discourse, as much as it expresses the actions of an individual whose thinking revolves around him and around the illusions that he wants to live in! Erdogan must leave the events of history telling the truth without rushing to deny or taking sharp fiddling positions.

If Turkey’s politicians are afraid of revisiting the dark history of the Ottoman empire and they do their best to deny all of its atrocities as much as possible, Erdogan goes too far and does not he just try to bury the past and ignore it, he rather denies it completely and is trying to beautify the ugly image by inverting the tragic events committed by the representatives of the Ottoman occupation into false heroic actions!

Based on this nervous mentality, even if Erdogan changed all streets’ names in Turkey, this will not change the facts, and will not make people forget the Turkish massacres against the Armenians in the last century, nor the crimes of robbery against manuscripts and Arab heritage, nor all the actions of the Ottoman occupation that led to resist it and expelling it indefinitely.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

11  January   2018