16 Jan

Qatari media and other Doha-funded websites have used a dubious videotape of the prominent Qatari dissenter, who was hosted by the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali al-Thani, as a means of tampering, twisting facts and playing on media material produced upon pressures, threats and Qatari blackmail for its opponents.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali al-Thani had earlier tweeted about the pressure exerted on him by the ruling junta in Qatar, and it must be mentioned that his children have also been under intense pressure not fully disclosed because of their presence in Qatar. Qatar has frozen the bank accounts of Sheikh bin Ali since October 2017, and he himself announced that on his twitter account: “It is an honor that the Qatari regime froze my bank accounts in Qatar, and I would like to thank them for this reward. I dedicate this to my country.” In addition to all the statements and interviews he made in Saudi Arabia while he was living there, and then in the UAE after his request to move there.

There is a huge pressure on the Qatari opposition, but the most prominent ones were those that affected Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali due to his role and activities that upset the rulers of Doha. In addition to freezing his accounts, threatening his family members and many other threats, which have not been disclosed by the Qatari sheikh, we are certain that such threats have led to his request to leave the UAE, while Qatar’s tools found in that request a golden opportunity and a chance to attack the UAE and promote lies against it.

To refute what has been circulated by the Doha media that is addicted to fabricating lies and rumors by Ikhwani experiences, an official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said that Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani has come as a guest to the UAE, at his own behest, where he enjoyed the warm welcome and gracious hospitality during his stay in the UAE, after he was harassed by Qatari Government. The source added that Sheikh Abdullah has had unrestrained mobility and freedom of movement during his stay in the UAE. Subsequently Sheikh Abdullah had expressed his desire to leave the UAE following which all measures were taken to honor his desire without any reservations. The source also expressed regret over the fabrication of facts, which is symptomatic of the general trend in which the State of Qatar continues to fabricate lies and half-truths.

The vigilance that takes care of the Qatari conspiracies and allegations can easily reveal any trick that Doha is trying to launch, believe and then promote in order to use that politically. Thus, the UAE’s political mind realized the latest falsification of Qatar when the tweets of Dr. Ali Rashid Al-Nuaimi were revealed that Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al-Thani had requested to refuge in the UAE for his safety and since he has family ties there. He then moved to the UAE quietly upon his request, where he warmly welcomed and maintained a low profile upon his request as well and for the fear of his safety.

Dr. Al-Nuaimi reiterated that Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani has repeatedly mentioned the threats messages, covert and overt, by the Qatari regime for the position he took during Qatar’s latest crisis. And that according to sources he was completely free to leave the UAE for any destination he chooses and he was able to leave whenever he wants! Accordingly, it is easy to see the Qatari regime’s fingerprints on the videotape that has spread because we used to see such fabrication and lies from the Qatari regime and this was not the first and will not be the last!

Al-Nuaimi said on Sky News Arabia channel that the Qatari regime always makes lies and fabrications and targets every noble work by the UAE and that Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani has asked to settle in the UAE because of the direct and indirect threats of the Qatari regime. Al-Nuaimi added that Sheikh Abdullah seems that he asked to leave the UAE under the pressure of the Qatari regime, which has his children and holds his money.

The comments of activists on social media came in contrast to what Qatar had expected as they agreed that Qatar’s crisis has forced it to look for any chance of survival, specifically by traversing the essence of the existing problem, so it tried through media outlets to evade from its support for terrorism and to open new doors to breathe through and to deny the dangerous role it plays on supporting and financing terrorist cells and fugitive elements from the security and judicial organs in the boycotting countries.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

16 January   2018