05 Feb

ISIS terrorist organization, which has become a very complicated puzzle that requires a lot of time and effort to solve and dismantle its components, many still have doubts and many questions about those responsible for creating this dangerous organization, its justification of existence and then the mechanism of eliminating it. It has reached the point where it poses a huge danger and threat to the Arab national security, and the most lethal weapon against the Arab peoples, and even the most successful tool to achieve the goals of those who have ambitions in the Arab countries’ wealth.

ISIS was used as a tool to strike at the security and stability of the Arab peoples and regimes, then turned overnight into a scarecrow to implement the Iranian agendas and worked as a bridge to export the Iranian project and the alleged mullah’s revolution. Tehran continues to aspire to exploit this organization in its expansion and in achieving its objectives, which need the pretext of fighting terrorism and protecting Iranian national security!

The Iranian regime used ISIS to achieve several political, economic, expansionist and security objectives, as the involvement of ISIS in the revolution of the Syrian people was the main reason for the cessation of Western support for this revolution and a pretext for an Iranian intervention to eliminate it under the guise of fighting terrorist groups and protecting religious sanctities. In the same vein, the Iranian regime supported the Iraqi government and suppressed the uprising against it and deployed ISIS’ elements in the areas with tribal stronghold to be subjected under the cover of fighting terrorism. The Iranian regime also used ISIS as a tool to destabilize the security and stability of the safe Arab countries by directing it to carry out terrorist attacks and bombings. It also used this organization against the Western countries which opposed the Iranian intervention in Syria and Iraq, through the implementation of terrorist operations in some European countries and therefore convince them of the seriousness of this terrorist organization in order to urge them to turn a blind eye to the bloody Iranian interventions.

What is most serious now is what the Iranian authorities have begun to promote the story of the existence of ISIS’ elements in various parts of Iran. It also claimed that The United States has transferred some members of this terrorist organization to Afghanistan and that the Revolutionary Guard have recently clashed with some of these members in Kermanshah, captured 15 elements and killed about 5 others. We must mention here that Kermanshah is one of the most regions where it has recently witnessed popular protests against the Iranian regime, therefore, it is obvious what are the Iranian real intentions from conspiring of the presence of ISIS’ elements in Iran and the armed clashes with them!

Iranian stories in this regard are on the rise and the regime will make sure to spread them. These claims will include that one of the Revolutionary Guard’s corps has clashed with ISIS’ elements where several of them were killed, several Revolutionary Guard’s members were martyred, and explosives were seized as they were plotting to use them in order to hit the security and stability of the Iranian cities. These allegations aim to achieve several objectives:

First, the Iranian regime wants to send a message to the protesters in all Iranian cities that any move against the regime will be suppressed under the guise of fighting ISIS that has appeared in the Iranian cities.

Second: Killing and suppressing protesters in the name of fighting corruption and terrorism and protecting the Iranian national security.

Third, the regime wants to tell the Iranian people that the Revolutionary Guard is protecting you from these ISIS gang, and that must be met with embracing the regime, its leaders and its military and security apparatuses.

Fourth: the attempt to link ISIS with the United States and other regional countries in order to link the objectives of these countries with these of ISIS of destabilizing the security and stability of the Iranian people rather than standing by the side of the oppressed Iranian people to gain their rights.

What is more dangerous is that the Iranian regime, after supplying the Houthi terrorist group with missiles to threaten the security and stability of the Gulf states from their southern side, is now seeking to spread Shiite sectarian forces belonging to the Iranian Supreme-leader in the north of the Gulf states, especially on the Iraqi-Saudi border and using ISIS as a pretext as well. Where the Iranian media and the pro-Iranian Iraqi one began to promote the story of the presence of ISIS terrorist elements on the Iraqi border with Saudi Arabia, and that the Iraqi sectarian forces are in the fight to clear these places. While the fact is that the Iranian regime seeks to find bases for the Revolutionary Guard and where it can arm Iraqi sectarian forces, similar to the Houthis in Yemen, in order to encircle the Gulf States, and of course after providing these forces with ballistic missiles by the Revolutionary Guard to pose a new threat to Arab national security, especially the Gulf one.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

5 February 2018