13 Feb

The US policy on the Qatari crisis shows that the regime in Doha has become a headache for the US administration and that the Qatari rebellion must be brought to an end. The reason is that Qatar has sunk itself into adventures that might pose a threat to foreign investment within its borders. The same investments that were behind the silence and the lack of decisive actions by the US and the European countries against the Qatari regime due to its support for terrorism, its destructive behaviour in the region and its conspiratorial relations with Iran and Erdogan.

What helped the Qatari regime to stick to its positions and continues to survive so far is the European and American funds and their investments in Qatar, which made the Western countries turn the blind eye to the Qatari policies of supporting terrorism. United States and the European countries preferred to remain silent about the actions of the Qatari regime, and adhered to issuing critical statements without any effective decision against the Qatari behaviour in return of not losing those investments.

Most recently, however, the Qatari economy has been hit hard after wasting hundreds of billions of Dollars by the regime due to the Arab boycott. Regional and international isolation and the adventures of the regime have added insult to injury, coupled with endangering the investments, that were protecting Qatar, which means that European and American attitudes in the coming period will change completely towards Doha, which is no longer able to maintain Western interests. We will witness stricter Western attitudes and policies towards Qatar, especially that the Qatari regime has begun to venture in its relations publicly in supporting terrorism and extremist groups and conspiring with the internationally rejected regime of Iran.

As for the change in European and American behaviour towards the Qatari regime, it can be said that Western powers, including the United States, will force the Qatari regime in the near future to choose between two options, either to comply with all demands of the Arab Quartet, or to quickly change the most notable figure of the regime, i.e. Sheikh Tamim, in order to save their interests which Doha’s policies have started to pose a direct threat to them.

The near end of Western business in Qatar, the regime’s insistence on its subversive and pro-terrorism policies, its embrace of Turkey and Iran and its transformation into a vehicle for its expansionist projects will radically change Western attitudes toward Doha. Qatar will soon be subject to sanctions by the US Congressional Regulations in regard of boycotting regimes and states that support organizations and groups classified as terrorist and allied with Iran. For that, Qatar is doing both, supporting terrorist groups and is allied with Iran.

This has been confirmed by the New York Times which claimed that the costly campaign of appeasement and public relations led by Doha in Washington over the past few months has failed to change the convictions within the US Congress of Qatar’s support for extremism and financing Terrorism, adding that Qatar will soon find itself subject to US sanctions because of its support for terrorism and its alliance with Iran.

During the past period, the Qatari regime has paid a huge sum of money in order to get the satisfaction of the Americans and Europeans. It contracted with 21 lobbies inside the United States, including American Zionist ones where some of them received around $ 300,000 a month. However, all money Qatar has paid to gain support has failed and only found in the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, as a diplomatic asset to be used since he has common interests with the Qatari regime for years during his presidency of ExxonMobil, which partnered with Qatar to invest in the gas fields, while the US administration and Congress are convinced of the necessity to put an end to the destructive and supportive Qatari behaviour of terrorism.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

13 February 2018