Qatar wanted to take people’s minds too lightly with its evident attempt to disguise the truth and reality with its staged play that carries Zionist’s and Western companies’ hallmarks. This play called “the hidden is more immense”, which is another evidence of the media failure of the Qatari regime! Why the hidden is more immerse while the goal is to attack the Arab quartet? And why not Doha reveal this ‘Immense’, this play has been named of, in its media war against its Arab masters?

This play by Al-Jazeera has unveiled very important factor which is that Doha has a massive media failure and it has exhausted all methods of using rented pens and cheap media platforms for all methods of forgery and distortion. Hence, the Qatari regime becomes afraid that this situation might get worse and it could take the regime even deeper into a quagmire of failure where no longer be able to defend Doha against its many charges and accusations or to attack the Arab Quartet. And only then when the idea of fabricating a documentary came in order to fuel the media war Qatar is waging, backed by Iran, Erdogan and the Muslim Brotherhood, for as long as possible. However, what after the failure of “the hidden is more immense”?

After watching the repercussions of this play, it seems that the Qatari regime has fallen into the very same hole it dug to the boycotting countries in a bid to harm them, since anger and division grew within Qatar on the grassroots level and within the Al Thani ruling family, amid widespread demands to stop the second part of this sedition, fearing from promoting the treason accusations’ trading within vast popular sectors, as well as for the clear evidence of Zionist fingerprints shown in the crafty production of this play, as it was necessary to implicate a number of Qatari citizens in that alleged coup, and that has discredited some of the tribes which names have appeared in this sedition. And this would mean that these tribes are traitors, a fire of sedition that burned Qatar from within and did not cause any harm abroad! This has widened the gap between the Qatari regime from one side and the tribes and the people of Qatar on the other, where the regime is now being accused of treason and losing the trust of the Qatari people as well as politicians and symbols of the regime who fear the Iranian and Turkish manipulation on one hand and the Israeli on the other.

Al-Jazeera’s film has caused a state of confusion and accusations of treachery within the security and military institutions after the emergence of high rank security and military names, the regime claims to be involved in the attempted coup. It was clear that the Qatari regime is seeking, through the film “the hidden is more immense,” to insult some leaders and symbols of the Al-Thani family who have a popular base within Qatar, as well as those who reject regime policies, especially at this critical stage of Qatar, thus thwarting any split or popular consensus against the current regime.

In addition, there is resentment among some Qatari officials towards the regime’s insistence on pursuing hostile policies, supporting terrorism, resisting the Arab and Gulf countries, embracing Iran and Erdogan and transforming the Qatari territories into a hotbed for the Iranian and Turkish military and security forces, whose expansionist ambitions are well known for the Arab world.

The broadcast of such a program, despite its riskiness on the Qatari interior, indicates that the Qatari regime has chosen the path of adventure, yet suicidal, to avoid the early fall, by attacking the internal and external opposition for their involvement in the alleged coup of 1996. However, such a method and behavior can only add another proof that the Qatari regime will inevitably fall soon.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

13  March  2018