14 Mar

The Ikhwani Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) control under current President Erdogan forced Turkey to follow a policy contrary to its national interests and to work only for achieving the objectives of this Muslim Brotherhood organization and to support all those connected with this terrorist organization, even at the expense of the country’s highest national interests. That is why Turkey’s support for terrorism has no limits since Erdogan has opened his country’s doors wide to receive terrorists from all over the world, turning Turkey into a focal point, an international base and a center for the training and formation of terrorist groups and then releasing them into combat zones to operate in parallel with Erdogan’s expansionist and supportive project of the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorism everywhere, especially the Arab and African countries.

Erdogan’s goal of supporting terrorism and pushing it to Syria and Iraq is to weaken and divide these two Arab states in the hope that he will control areas of these neighboring countries of Turkey as a beginning to implement his Ottoman expansionist project of restoring the Ottoman Empire.

The great victories achieved by the international coalition with a wide and effective Arab participation in fighting terrorists and extremists and drying up the sources of terrorism in the countries of the region as well as boycotting Qatar by the four Arab countries, have angered Erdogan as this has hit hard the terrorist project that he was so desperate to instigate in the Arab countries. This can explain Turkey’s confusion in dealing with the Qatari crisis and Erdogan’s explicit declaration of supporting the Qatari regime that supports extremism and terrorism. Now Erdogan has realized that he has lost the battle and that what Turkey has wasted of lives and money to sponsor and support terrorism have gone unheeded.

The previous conclusion is the main reason behind Erdogan’s order for his army to move to some Syrian cities near the Turkish border, in order to save terrorism from destruction. Erdogan has sent his forces to control Afrin city in order to provide a suitable ground for regathering the defeated terrorists in this city and to save them from complete destruction. However, President Erdogan himself has now fallen into the quagmires of his dirty actions, as he could not advance in the northern Syrian cities because of the popular rejection and the confrontation, that stunned him, from the people of this region.

Erdogan today stands at a crossroads and very difficult options. He and his team have been unable to provide explanations or clarify the goals they achieved from the battles they started in the north of Syria. Erdogan now is so embarrassed and confused that he cannot retreat from the war and declare his weakness and the defeat of his army. Therefore, Erdogan has no choice but to seek NATO’s troops to help him break the deadlock in which he has put himself in. Which he announced in in a speech before the supporters of his party, broken and defeated, Erdogan called on NATO: “I call for the NATO, where are you, why do not you come to Syria, is not Turkey one of the NATO countries?” He added: ” You invited us to go to Afghanistan, Somalia and other countries, and we did do, and now I invite you to come to Syria, and you must meet this call. “

Erdogan’s invitation to NATO in such a begging and humiliating way, has only one explanation, that Erdogan feels that he is in a big trouble and that losing the war is just a matter of time, a war that he did not think twice before taking the decision of going for it and now he cannot just simply pull his forces from as this would have major repercussions on his fractured and receding popularity and the popularity of his party in Turkey.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

14  March  2018