29 Apr


 In a serious development that will have massive repercussions, both at home and abroad, new indications have emerged which prove beyond any doubt that Qatar has supported terrorism financially, with huge sums of money, amounting to one billion dollars, according to the latest leaks in this regard. the leaks gave details of one deal between Qatar and some Terrorist organizations. This, however, does not exclude the possibility of having more deals with terrorist organizations and groups loyal to Iran and Muslim Brotherhood.

Months after the Gulf Countries confronted Doha with its support for terrorism, Qatar remained stubborn and denied its role in funding extremism and terrorism. And when confronted with the facts, it tried to evade them and even used its media to forge these facts. It also launched a vast public relations campaign in the United States and Europe to whitewash its ugly image and spent a lot of money for that purpose.

Now, new evidence and proofs emerged from outside the Arab region, and it would compel the followers of the Hamdeen organization to stop repeating its broken record of being oppressed and under attack by neighboring countries. All charges against Qatar were consistent and only revealed when they coupled with evidence. The information that has recently been published in Western sources reinforces Doha’s involvement in supporting terrorism and proves the lies of its media, which jumps over facts and tries to absorb the shocks it faces. Recent leaks are a big shock to those who thought Doha was innocent, and it seems that they will not wake up from this shock easily.

The leaks that reveal Qatar’s direct support for terrorism through its hundreds of millions of dollars, were published by the Washington Post. The published details are a powerful and painful blow to Doha and its agencies associated with supporting terrorism and financing extremists. The leaked facts about Qatar’s role in supporting terrorism indicate that Qatar’s record on this matter is full of scandals and heavy involvement in providing millions of dollars to terrorist organizations under the guise of paying a ransom to rescue members of the ruling family. It is certain that this Qatari play had aimed to justify providing funds to terrorist groups in both Iraq and Syria.

In the context of what the Washington Post has published on Qatar’s scandals and its support for terrorism, the American newspaper reported exclusive correspondence revealing that Doha paid hundreds of millions of dollars to terrorists in Iraq in order to release a number of its citizens and members of the ruling family who were kidnapped in 2015. Analysts however believe that the story of the kidnapping may be not true and was a trick to justify delivering these huge sums of money to the killing and terrorism groups. Facts that may soon emerge about the Qatari direct support for the organization of ISIS.

Details published by the American newspaper suggested that a Qatari diplomat sent a letter to his boss, saying that Doha was robbed. According to the translation of the Washington Post’s leaks, which was published in more than one media source, correspondence showed the grumble of the Qatari ambassador to Iraq, Zayed bin Saeed Al Khayarin, of the extremist militias’ will to rob Qatar’s money when Doha entered secret negotiations for the liberation of its citizens. The ambassador said: “They are all thieves, the Syrians, the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iraqi Hezbollah brigades, they all want money and this is their chance.”

Several sources had published before the Washington Post, stating that the Qataris had paid sums of money to extremist groups in Iraq and Syria, as a ransom in return for releasing the abductees. The leaks of the American newspaper came to reinforce the hints that had been published previously in this regard.

The American newspaper, however, mentioned in detail that Qatar agreed to pay at least $ 275 million for the release of nine members of the ruling family and 16 other citizens who were kidnapped during a hunting trip in Iraq.

According to Sky News Arabia’s coverage for the leaks in the US newspaper by Qatari officials about the money being paid, the Washington Post said that it is certain that the Qataris paid money to the terrorists, based on letters from Qatari officials.

According to the correspondence, the hostage release deal was meant to pay $ 150 million in cash to people and groups who played a mediation role to free the hostages, and those are people who long listed by the United States on terrorist lists. Mediation parties in this Qatari issue include Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah, as well as a military group involved in bloody attacks against US forces in Iraq.

The Washington Post added that paying this money was only part of a larger deal involving the governments of Iraq, Iran and Turkey, as well as the Lebanese Hezbollah and two Syrian opposition factions, including Al-Nusra Front. Following the involvement of several parties in this issue, the amount requested for the release of hostages has mounted to one billion dollars, as well as the release of Iranian soldiers in Syria, and the deal to displace the four towns in Syria.

The documents obtained by the Washington Post show that the money was paid indeed to the terrorists and showed that Qatari officials have signed payments of $ 5 to $ 50 million to Iraqi and Iranian officials and militias, as well as $ 50 million to a person referred to as Qasem, i.e. Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, one of the most prominent players in the deal to release the hostages. Correspondence also shows that Qatar has paid $ 150 million to Iraqi Hezbollah battalions and $ 10 million to a mediator named Abu Mohammed al-Saadi.

Following this thunderous scandal, and given the importance of the US media apparatus that has leaked the correspondence of the Qatari diplomats, observers of the Qatari case expect that Doha will need time to absorb the shock of the recent leaks, especially that the same news had been in circulation months ago but did not include the exact amount of the paid money or the names of those who received it under the guise of releasing the abductees!

Qatar’s money has gone to Doha’s permanent allies who deceived it and used it to be a dirty vehicle to disrupt the Gulf regional security and implement the Iranian and sectarian agenda in the region. Part of the Qatari support went for terrorism, to Qasem Soleimani, one of the leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, along with what the Turks and Hezbollah received from the Qatari millions’ deal.

What is most dangerous in the scandal of Qatar’s support for terrorists is that the hundreds of millions of dollars Doha stupidly provided to the most brutal organizations, came at a time that all countries of the world were seeking to counter terrorism and drain its sources. This calls for an international stand against Qatar, which uses its money to fight and disrupt global efforts of combating extremism and terrorism as evidenced by the amount of funds it provided to extremists and was given in detail in the correspondence of the Qatari diplomats leaked by the Washington Post.

Among the conclusions of the new leaks is a proof that the countries of the region did not accuse Qatar of supporting terrorism in vain, and that the serious correspondence published by the international press has asserted Doha’s support for terrorism and revealed the truth by diplomats from within the ruling regime in Qatar.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

29 April  2018