Hamdeen-organization and the Muslim Brotherhood, with support and coordination with al-Houthi and Iran, are trying to pass malicious and seditious schemes in Yemen after failing in Somalia, as well as in many other countries in the region. These subversive parties seek to tarnish the image of the United Arab Emirates and create strife and discord among the countries participating in the Arab Coalition for the Restoration of Legitimacy in Yemen. This time, however, these schemes become much less than childish hallucinations that become completely silent when adults talk. The facts and deeds are capable of thwarting these seditious schemes and removing the dust that the Qatari-Ikhwani-Iranian winds have brought about the image of the noble objectives that the UAE is insisting to achieve, as an essential part of the Arab alliance, namely restoring legitimacy to the Yemeni government and defeat the Iranian- Houthi terrorism so that security and stability return to the fraternal Yemeni people.

These provocations by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatari regime, with an Iranian support and coordination, pose a threat to the security and stability of Yemen, a barrier to any political or peaceful solution, and undermine any peace talks to end a war that was waged by Iranian-backed Houthi elements in their coup against Yemeni legitimacy.

These plans aim to weaken the Arab Coalition by igniting strife between its members and some officials of the Yemeni government. They also aim to strengthen the position of the Houthi by trying to create a rift in the popular, partisan, tribal and official bloc that was formed to end the Houthi coup, and to prevent any form of Persianising Yemen, and to disperse the efforts of the coalition in favor of the Houthis. The plans also aim at distorting the public opinion, shuffling the cards and distorting the image of the United Arab Emirates, which everyone knows that it is innocent of all those charges and allegations.

UAE’s objectives from its participation in the Arab Coalition to support the legitimacy in Yemen have been clear and declared since the beginning of the process of purging Yemen from the Houthi-Iranian terrorism, namely to support Yemeni legitimacy, establish security and stability in the liberated areas, end the Iranian backed coup and provide what the Yemeni people need of support and services in all areas, especially health, social and humanitarian. There is no need to prove the reality of these goals since the Yemeni people are fully aware of that and they witness it on a daily basis, and the uprising of the people of the island of Socotra against the campaigns targeting the UAE by Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood and their media, is an unmistakable evidence of the noble objectives of the UAE’s participation in the Arab Coalition in Yemen.

The United Arab Emirates have provided humanitarian aids and services to the Yemeni people over decades, even before the Houthi coup, and what it has provide since the beginning of the process to restore legitimacy has amounted to more than $ 3.4 billion as well as to its role in contributing to the construction of the educational and health sector, building schools, colleges, health centers and hospitals, training the Yemeni security and military forces, which have been able to restore security and stability to more than 85% of the Yemeni territory and secured all the strategic ports and the strait of Bab al-Mandab and other vital areas and oil fields. All the above are clear evidence that prove the falsity of these allegations and accusations and reveal the malicious intentions of the Qatari-Iranian-Ikhwani schemes against the United Arab Emirates. Questioning the UAE’s constructive role in Yemen contradicts with the reality and is rejected by the Yemeni people. It is a miserable attempt to cover the sun with a sieve. The sacrifices of the UAE Armed Forces and their martyrs will remain alive in the Yemeni people’s conscience and they will always remember its honorable and constructive role in their country.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

8 May 2018