Adopting the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology by the Qatari regime to and its quest to disseminate it and promote it in the media, as well as supporting and funding this organization’s advocates and the so-called “sheikhs and clerics” in all Arab countries while still supporting and financing terrorist groups in the region, all the above put that regime in the circle of accusation and direct responsibility for any terrorist act that takes place in the Arab countries, even if this act came from outside the Muslim Brotherhood organization, because the terrorist ideology and the doctrine of takfir and shedding blood approach in all terrorist organizations have mainly originated from the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is considered the main reference to every type of terrorism. Not to mention, the involvement of the Qatari regime in supporting and financing terrorist groups has been demonstrated by conclusive evidence and documented evidence.

With the support and funding of the Qatari regime, the Muslim Brotherhood’s ideology contributed to the creation of extremist groups that legitimize terrorism and criminal behavior by distorting the Qur’anic verses and the prophetic Hadiths. These groups rely on many of the extremist books of the organization as an original resource in their terrorist approach. Hence, the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar are involved in supporting and publishing the book of “The Jurisprudence of Blood,” which is considered as the constitution for the terrorist organization of ISIS and other extremist organizations. It is a 579-page book, written by Abu Abdullah Al-Muhajer. This book serves as a manual for elements of terrorist organizations in general, which legitimizes terrorism and bloodshed and even encourages brutality and the commission of heinous crimes, including mutilation, human trafficking, decapitation, the killing of children, As well as scorched earth operations and global terrorist attacks.

The author of this book is Abu Abdullah al-Muhajir, an Egyptian national and an active member of al-Qaeda. When al-Muhajir was killed, he was still a member of the Fatah al-Sham Front or “Al-Nusra Front” previously. He met with many terrorist leaders who had ties to the Qatari regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Osama bin Laden. It is no secret that there was a relationship between the Qatari regime and the Fatah al-Sham Front, especially after presenting several documents proving that the main supporter of this terrorist organization is the Qatari regime, which proves at the same time the relationship between the author of the bloody book, The Jurisprudence of Blood, and the Qatari regime.

There is no doubt that there is a relationship between Qatar and the terrorist organizations deployed in some Arab countries, including ISIS and Al-Nusra Front. Doha had no shame of publicly announcing that when its channel, Al-Jazeera, hosted Al-Nusra Front’s terrorist leader, Abu-Muhammad al-Julani in one of its programs. The Qatari regime also provided millions of dollars to ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood and other groups that are working to create chaos and destruction in the region and adopt the Takfiri terrorist approach. This is no longer a secret, as all terrorist discourse are broadcasted publicly by Al-Jazeera channel. Qatar has also adopted in spreading this terrorist ideology on printing and publishing books that legitimize terrorism and call for the shedding of blood, and permit hostilities under the guise of Islam, including the above-mentioned book, ” The Jurisprudence of Blood”, the most bloody and extreme example of all.

This bloody book is based on distorting the teachings of the Islamic religion and granting the legitimate cover for acts committed by the terrorist by deliberately distorting the Qur’an and Sunnah. This book is the most dangerous resource for extremists, as it authorizes carrying weapons, revenge, destruction, massacres, killing civilians, kidnapping and many others. This quick spread of this book was not possible without an intellectual and material support by regimes and apparatuses that have close ties with terrorist organizations and groups, which build their interests upon supporting terrorism and spreading chaos.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

15 May 2018