The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has been trying to disseminate, through the Arabic and Persian-speaking Iranian media, its black propaganda to cover up the continuous defeats and successive collapses of the Houthi rebels after the advance of the legitimacy forces supported by the Arab coalition forces and with strong support from the UAE armed forces in the west coast and al-Hudaydah province. Nonetheless, this propaganda has failed miserably since day one due to developments in the events, the quick victories and the full fire control over the al-Hudaydah’s airport, the most important center for funding the Houthi group backed by Tehran.

Coalition’s victories have thwarted the propaganda war led by Iran and Qatar in Yemen. The liberation of al-Hudaydah Airport has revealed the extent of the media propaganda and psychological warfare adopted by the Revolutionary Guard and the Houthi group. It also revealed the magnitude of the great impact on the Houthi and Iranian coup leaders. The confusion in the circulated news and statements by the Houthi and Iranian media confirms that there is a great pain because of the defeats suffered by the Houthi putschists in the past few days, especially since most analyzes confirm that the liberation of al-Hudaydah means the end of the Houthi coup.

The liberation of al-Hudaydah along with its airport and harbor has several regional considerations and important positive results for the Yemeni people, because this is the beginning of the end of the Houthi coup. This group will lose the most important ports through which Iran used to smuggle weapons, equipment and fighters to strengthen its power against legitimacy. This was the secret port of the Houthi terrorist group, which feeds on it with ammunition, weapons and missiles smuggled across the sea from Iran.

In contrast, these ports will be turned into a lifeline for the Yemeni people through which all kind of aid and relief will come, which means a resounding defeat for al-Houthi and Iran in Yemen, difficult for the Iranian regime to bear or recognize as long as there is one Houthi fighter in Yemen. This is because the mullah’s regime is fully aware that this defeat will accelerate its collapse in the rest of the Arab countries, lead to the liberation of the rest of the Yemeni cities from the Houthis, reveal the terrorist nature of this regime, and will lose the confidence of its agents in the region. When this all happen, a crucial stage would come after in which the Iranian people can hold the regime and the Revolutionary Guard accountable on their destructive internal and external policies that only caused harm and damage to the peoples of the region. After that, the Iranian regime will be faced with the crisis of providing answers to the Iranian people about the feasibility of Iranian interventions in the region and wasting large sums of money in supporting and financing terrorist groups and gangs.

Currently, the Houthi and Iranian media seek to blackout the victories of the legitimacy forces backed by the Coalition Forces, and to deny any defeats and losses suffered by the Houthi group. The aim is to try to preserve not only the morale of Houthis, but all of Iran’s agents in the region, while reality says that the battle of al-Hudaydah is settled after its airport and air base became under the Coalition control, while full control over the city has become a matter of time. Freed areas are currently being cleared of mines after the Houthi militias have turned them into minefields. The Coalition Forces are focusing on avoiding any civilian casualties, in contrast to the Houthi elements who deliberately target them in order to intimidate the international community and promote their propaganda in the city of province of al-Hudaydah and that it will lead to human disasters if it continues!

However, the Coalition Forces confirm that al-Hudaydah operation is well-functioned one, and its priority is to preserve the lives of civilians and their property and it will not be different from Aden’s one which was quick and swift, which is confirmed by the results of these military operations.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

18 June  2018