The United Arab Emirates has made great and noble sacrifices in the Yemen Arab fraternal, thanks to the wisdom and Arabism of its leadership and the bravery of its armed forces’ soldiers. The UAE did not tire of providing all kinds of help and sacrifices and spared no effort in helping the brotherly Yemeni people who have suffered greatly from the Houthi coup and Iranian intervention. It participated as a key power in the Arab Coalition for the Restoration of Legitimacy in Yemen, and trained the legitimate and security forces in the areas liberated from the Houthi group in order to maintain security and stability. On another aspect, the UAE provided humanitarian aid and health services and built development projects to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.

The Emirati objectives from supporting Yemen have been and are still clear: the restoration of legitimacy in Yemen, the elimination of the insurgency and coup movement, combating terrorism, the restoration of security and stability for the Yemeni people, preventing the Iranian infiltration there, the return of Yemen to the Arab Gulf family, putting an end to the Iranian intervention in the region in general for what Yemen poses of important and strategic position.

In fact, the participation of UAE Armed Forces in purging Yemen of the Houthi terrorism has revealed several facts that were unknown to many, the most important of which is the enormous strength of the UAE army in all aspects and its ability to fight battles until achieving victory, and that the Emirati soldier enjoys a superb training and experience and a high moral that cannot be defeated in the battlefields, and sacrifice for the safety of peoples and the security of homelands.

The United Arab Emirates, with its various institutions, plays a key role in restoring legitimacy and ending the Houthi coup in Yemen, militarily, by participating strongly in the Arab Coalition in demolishing the strongholds of the Houthis and securing the liberated areas; politically, through its diligent quest to find a political solution that guarantees security and stability for Yemen and finally on the humanitarian and social level by providing aid and opening relief channels to the fraternal people of Yemen.

The Arab Coalition and legitimacy forces, under the leadership of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, are now achieving historic victories in protecting Arab national security, liberating Yemen from al-Houthi and thwarting the expansionist Iranian project, as part of the golden victory operation that is on its way to liberate al-Hudaydah. Forces from both the Arab Coalition and the Yemeni joint resistance began a major and decisive military assault against the Houthis, with the participation and support of the UAE armed forces from land, air and sea, with the aim of liberating the city of al-Hudaydah and its strategic port from the grip of the Houthi group backed by Iran, after refusing to comply with peaceful solutions.

So far, many important strategic areas have been liberated in the Directorate of Durahmi and the perimeter of al-Hudaydah Airport, after infiltrating the front lines of al-Houthi militants and breaking most of its fortifications south of the city. This resulted in the collapse and the escape of its field commanders, While the residents of the city of al-Hudaydah revolted against the putschists’ militias. Moreover, reports confirm that the liberation of al-Hudaydah has become certain and only needs some time.

The liberation of al-Hudaydah will be positively reflected on the Yemeni interior, as it is the beginning of the end of the Houthi coup, and an important step in restoring legitimacy, security and safety for the Yemeni people. It will also contribute greatly to the security and stability of the region, reduce terrorism and cut the way for the Iranian project. It is a victory for the right against the Iranian-backed terrorists.

More importantly, rescuing Yemen from the Houthi coup and the Iranian influence will have wide regional repercussions that send a message to all Iran’s agents in the region that the Decisive Storm will not be confined to Yemen, but will include all the countries where Iran is engaged by armed terrorist groups such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and the sectarian militias in Iraq.


Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

18 June  2018