While leading a hostile propaganda campaign against the Arab quartet countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, in which it is accusing them falsely of establishing relations with Israel, Doha is conspiring secretly with Tel Aviv and other Jewish groups and trying to establish a strong relationship with them based on giving all the concessions they may ask for. That is of course since Doha believes that Israel and the Zionist lobby are the gate of the United States and the corridor leading to the White House.

The Qatari media has been stripped of all laws, media norms and professional ethics and transformed into secret and conspiratorial rooms where stories and accusations are fabricated and then turned into news reports to distort the image of countries that have stood against the subversive policies and terrorist activities of Qatar. Reports confirm that has been done in coordination with Zionist groups worldwide aimed at spreading sedition, chaos and divisions between Arab peoples and ruling regimes in order to weaken the countries and peoples of the region.

In its foreign policy and dealing with boycotting countries, the Qatari regime adopts a method of accusing others of what it is doing of conspiracies and sabotaging. An exposed approach by the regime in Doha, which spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the Zionist and American lobbies in order to approach the Israeli and American administrations, and hence improving its image in their eyes, denying its terrorist behavior and disrupting any project against its terrorist policies.

The Qatari regime is now gasping to build bridges of conspiracy and compromises to reach methods to put pressure on US President Donald Trump in order to change his positions towards Qatar, after he has openly declared that Qatar has a long history of supporting terrorism and that it is time to stop that.

Since this warning, the Qatari regime has been working to get closer to Tel Aviv and make deals with the Zionist lobby and Jewish communities in several countries, especially Israel, the United States, Europe and even those in Iran, with the aim of blocking any resolution by the Congress or the White House aimed at putting an end for sponsoring terrorist groups by Qatar, as well as turning the blind eye to Doha’s relations with Tehran which only serve extremism and terrorism.

For this reason, Qatar has paid bribes and offered concessions and guarantees in a number of issues that serve the project of the Zionist entity in the region. It also used the influence of Al-Jazeera and the Qatari media to give a positive image of Israel and the Jews and distort the image of the Arab countries that support the Palestinian cause against the Israeli occupation. Now that the Qatari regime is about to fall, its use for the Zionist entity is gradually diminishing and it is about to disappear. Consequently, there will be surprises and scandals which will reveal the reality of the Qatari policy and the behavior of the regime before the Arab peoples and the world at large.

Qatar’s conspiratorial policy and its quest for help from the enemies of the nation, mainly Israel and Iran, explains why the Qatari regime has followed the wrong path, rejected the demands of the Arab Quartet and its determination to support terrorism. This regime claims that it is oppressed while it is the one which has committed crimes against the Arab and Islamic nation, used the Muslim Brotherhood leaders and their advocates to deceive the Arab and Islamic peoples and it is still supporting the terror of the Muslim Brotherhood and the activities of the Revolutionary Guard. Qatar has allowed the enemies of the nation to intervene in the affairs of the Arab countries, especially the Gulf ones, in return for their continued support for it in its hostile positions and subversive activities in the region. This will only make the crisis last longer with the depletion of Qatari state resources and wealth to the extent Doha has become a terrorist financing bank and a center to support the activities of foreign expansion projects at the expense of the countries and peoples of the region.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

July 9,  2018