Double standards and playing on contradictions are immoral political concepts, the current Qatari regime has used to adopt since it claimed power in 1996 and up to now. That was not all, as this regime did not spare any hatred, arrogance and obstinacy in dealing with its Arab brothers, while happily accepting to be humiliated and disgraced by the mullahs and the Zionists.  This very odd approach mixed with antagonizing friends and approaching the enemies is a clear indication of the weakness of the regime in Qatar and its lack of political courage and self-confidence.

The concepts of double standards and playing on contradictions are all can be described as a kind of bias, betrayal and deception concepts, because of their violation to international laws and norms. Qatar is strongly biased towards a group of terrorists, criminals and gangs who tamper the security and stability of the region. It is so eager to support them financially and provide them with weapons and equipment at a time it claims to be a part of the counterterrorism process while its officials conduct shuttle tours to the East and West to sell Qatar’s role in fighting terrorism, while it stands with heart and mold beside the world’s most pro-terrorist regimes, i.e. the Iranian one!

The double standards in Qatari politics is a kind of political confusion that combines aggression and deception, which has increased after the current crisis and by which Doha has entered a new dangerous phase whose repercussions will be disastrous on its internal situation, especially with regard to internal unity and national cohesion. One of the most important results of political double standards is the creation of a state of tension, fragmentation and internal division between decision makers and within national institutions, which is already happening in Qatar and is revealed despite the media blackout exercised by the authorities there. All reports confirm that there are internal divisions inside Qatar which are increasing day by day, to the extent of losing confidence among leaders of the Qatari regime, whom preferred to transfer their money and investments out of Qatar in anticipation of any possible collapse.

The issue of Qatar’s support for terrorism has recently entered a new phase by Qatari regime’s devoting all of aggressive actions against the Arab and Gulf states, and its attempt to fuel sectarian strife in the region and financing sectarian groups led by Houthis and sectarian militias in Iraq and what it is doing of wreaking havoc in Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Libya is a very clear example of that. However, what is most dangerous is its attempts to extend its treachery arm to tamper with the security and stability of the Gulf states, mainly Saudi Arabia and the UAE, by pushing its extremist groups to carry out terrorist attacks aimed at the security and stability of these two countries and their oil supplies.

Doha is still relying on the support of its terrorist tools for its steadfastness and insistence on its positions despite the boycotting of Arab countries and the resentment of the Europeans from its hostile policies in support of terrorism and extremism. Qatar continues to support terrorism with a blind eye turned by the West, and of course all because of Qatar’s money. However, winds have started to blow counter to what the Qatari ships desire as reports indicate that the Qatari regime has begun to follow an austerity policy in bribing, which turned after the boycott into monthly salaries imposed on the regime. This means that Qatar ability to buy support has started to collapse and in the coming months we will witness the beginning of a real change in European attitudes towards the Qatari regime.

Internally, and because of the Arab identity of the Qatari people, and the regime’s pursuit to change it through its foreign policy and behavior and  because of its dependency on Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, its sectarian and abhorrent alliances and turning Qatar and its terrorist groups into sectarian tools in the region that threaten the neighboring countries on behalf of Iran; this all will eventually make people lose patience and stood up against the regime.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

Augut 12, 2018