Since the advent of the current Iranian regime in 1979, political setbacks and diplomatic failure have been the most prominent feature for its leaders, which culminated these days in tightening economic and financial sanctions, and not to mention their continuing failure in their regional issues from Syria to Iraq and Yemen.

Iran is currently in a growing international and regional isolation due to its support for terrorism and its insistence on destabilizing the security of the region, as well as the cessation of investments and businesses and the capital flight, in addition to the wide international criticism of the Iranian regime for its human rights violations committed at home and abroad and the regional wars it has ignited which have killed hundreds of thousands and displaced millions.

The Iranian regime’s record has a long list of failures, especially during the past few years. The most prominent one recently is the failure in Yemen, after the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE have encountered the Iranian and Houthi plans in Yemen and aborted their destructive project in the region and saved Yemen from the Safavid occupation.

In the Syrian and Iraqi file, the Iranian failure is evident despite Tehran’s relentless attempts to save face. Super powers have agreed to expel the Iranian forces from Syria and put an end to the Persian presence there, and this poses a political and military failure that can be added to the failures’ record of the Iranian regime in the regional files. As for Iraq, the Iranian fiasco has been ever since the victory of “Saeron” parliamentary coalition in the last elections, which rejects categorically any presence of Iran in the country. It is so clear to what extent Iran is angry for its weak influence in Iraq and the emergence of an Iraqi front working to purge Iraq of Iranian poisons and returning it to the Arab sphere.

Iran’s failure in Iraq has not stopped, as Tehran failed to bring its agents to the premiership, and the subsequent non-diplomatic behavior which aimed at obstructing the process of forming a government whose interests are incompatible with Iranian ambitions in Iraq.

These failures have found their way to Lebanon after reports have mentioned to the existence of an official and popular anger towards the Iranian practices inside Lebanon and the support for the Hezbollah group that has wreaked havoc on Lebanon and Syria and spread terrorism, sectarianism and chaos. This anger began to increase with the weakness of Hezbollah because of the Iranian austerity following the US sanctions and the exacerbating problems, economic and financial crises Iran.

Iran’s failures have also appeared in its relations with many countries that severed ties with Tehran because of its interference and terrorist activities, the latest of which was Morocco, which cut off its relations with Tehran because of its interference in its internal issue and the military support for the Polisario Front. Morocco was not the only country that has cut diplomatic relations with Iran, many Arab and European countries have already done so over the past years, notably Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Sudan, Yemen, Canada, Great Britain and many others.

What has mentioned above is just one chapter of the Iranian political and military failure in the region. This leads us to question the reason behind this remarkable failure of the Iranian regime in its foreign policies, which is added to other failures at home and in many aspects as no achievement whatsoever has been reached so far except the success in supporting terrorism and creating terrorist groups!

It is certain that the main reason behind this failure is the absence of the institutional and law state which has been replaced with corruption and interference. Iran continues to deal with others as a revolution not a state, where its leaders pursue their personal interests with complete negligence for internal affairs and national interests. Iran can only survive and proceed when a complete and comprehensive change of the regime, which will not accept any reform or amendment, takes place!

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

Augut 14, 2018