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Al Mezmaah Studies and Research Center was established in 2012 by Dr. Salem Humaid in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Center publishes research and studies, both in paper and electronically, in addition to holding conferences and seminars, all of which contribute to strengthening the Center’s strategy and enriching the issues it believes in through the following sub-units:

This unit publishes research, studies and books tackling the issues of political Islam groups and the efforts to combat extremism and terrorism. Within this Unit, the Center strives to work on aspects related to strengthening the Emirati national identity and to raise awareness of the values of the Federation and its historical roots through holding seminars and publications targeting the UAE youth and university students.

It monitors and analyzes the most prominent political changes and developments at the Arab and international levels. It also prepares indicators, articles and assessment reports, all published on the Center’s website.

This unit analyzes Iranian policy trends in the region and the world and follows the Iranian moves related to the occupied Emirati islands, as well as monitoring political developments inside Iran and the indicators of its social and economic changes.

The main duty of this Unit is to prepare periodic studies and reports on a daily and weekly basis that are not for publish, some of which are based on the monitoring approach. As well as analytical reports with the aim of providing a fresh information database on the most pressing political issues in the region.

It is specialized in translating the most prominent works of the Center, into both Persian and English languages, as well as monitoring the most important current events and developments through these two languages.

It is responsible for managing the official website of the Center and its accounts on social media. It also covers the Center’s activities in relation to its conferences, publications and local and regional interactions. In marketing, the Center’s participation in international and local book fairs is part of this Unit’s duties as well as arranging for activities, events and seminars.

This Unit manages all financial, administrative and technical affairs and all related logistical needs required to facilitate the Center’s functions.

The Center functions through publishing books and encyclopedic work, studies and literature relevant to its aims, as well as research involving a group of writers who aim to fulfill the Center’s annual plans, in addition to publishing articles and electronic material on the Center’s website and organizing symposia that combine between raising public awareness and keeping abreast of important developments.

What does Al Mezmaah mean?

It is the beehive that is made of the braided palm straws and spirally coiled as a basket which had many uses by many people on land and sea such as fishermen who used it to carry their precious fishing of oysters and pearls from the sea. Pearl trade was the mainstay of economic life in several UAE cities.

Al Mezmaah is an Emirati symbol for the basket that carries useful information, news, studies and opinions that we have picked for you carefully after deep introspection, so benefit can reach everyone.

Publishing on the Center’s website:

The Center welcomes all contributions on condition that topics must be relevant to its research interests as well as their adhering to the professional standards in scientific writing, in terms of the perfect language, referencing and the word count ranges between 1500 to 3000 words.

The Center also receives your translated contributions, with must also adhere to strict Arabic language, their conformity to the original text, which must be attached.

The Center also welcomes all articles and opinions that consider the same professional standards, with the word count range between 500 and 800 words. As for the book review, books must have been issued in the last three years and the word count is not less than 1000 words. It is also stipulated that the material should not have been published anywhere else, in paper or electronic.

Your work can be sent to the following email address as we aim to reply to your correspondence within two business days:

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