Qatar has expressed its tacit sympathy with Iran and its role in spreading chaos in Bahrain through a program broadcasted by Al-Jazeera, the channel that sympathizes with terrorism and extremism everywhere. The program, used by Qatar for extortion and fabrications, is a type of investigative reportage. However, Doha has no press materials but old stories and interviews with some dead, unknown or scammer people. In a new episode, the sedition channel touched upon the Bahraini issue, from a point that proves the Qatari aggressiveness and the careless it shows towards the security of the Gulf which paves the way for the Iranian penetration in order to support extremism and confusion and to prolong the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the institutions of governance in Qatar.

The propaganda Doha is streaming through Al-Jazeera channel has shown the benefits of the dispute with Qatar, which has ended up with boycotting it, that it has revealed Qatar’s commitment to defending terrorism until the last moment, and even the last region where terrorism is present as well as defending those who represent it from all different currents.

It is clear that Qatar knows the magnitude of the predicament it has put itself in, so it resorts to accusing others of supporting terrorism. But it did not find what she could rely on to prove its claims except people who appeared in old recordings, one of whom had been killed in Iran, and the other seemed to have psychological turmoil and desire to avenge his country, like any extremist who failed to achieve his goals and then resorted to sell his soul to those who support media and religious terrorism against his country.

After Qatar’s support for terrorism at the media and political levels exceeded all borders, it found no solution but to blame others. Hence, it went to fabricate contradictory articles on a television program broadcasted on Al Jazeera, a usual platform for Qatar that has served terrorism and extremism for many years and was the first to broadcast the propaganda of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, then Ayman al-Zawahiri’s tapes, and concluded its services of sympathizing with terrorists by broadcasting video tape of al-Baghdadi, Daesh’s caliph!

Most of what the Qatari sedition channel was able to do in its program, in which it tried to target the policies and procedures of the Kingdom of Bahrain to fight terrorism, is to cry over the ruins of the failed Iranian plans that were stopped.

There is a legal issue through which we can assess the performance of the Qatari media in this report and others, which reveals the deliberate use of Doha to the sectarian matter and its try to inflame it in a bid to fuel division in the society of Bahrain on sectarian grounds.

Logically, and based on Doha’s long history of supporting terrorism, Qatar is supposed to be the last country to talk about terrorism, since it has been hosting since the 1960s the most dangerous instigators of terrorism and extremism and the greatest proponents of sabotaging the security and stability in the region.

Qatar has not stopped this approach of harboring Muslim Brotherhood Arab extremists, but it has gone even further by harboring and supporting the most dangerous and lethal organizations in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and then in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Palestine.

Doha and Tehran are thus in a race to nurture, support and embrace extremist entities of contradictory backgrounds. Whether Sunni or Shiite. It is enough to remember that it is Qatar that hosts the negotiations between the United States and the Afghani Taliban, an Afghani version of al-Qaeda.  Qatar has a long history of extraordinary efforts to mediate with armed terrorist organizations to release abductees. It even paid those organizations in Iraq and other large sums of money, under the pretext of paying ransom to release abductees. In the end, it provided generous financial support to the terrorists. Who is supporting terrorism then if we take what Qatar’s embrace to extremism, and its finances to media platforms through which terrorists shout from Doha, Istanbul and London.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

16 July 2019

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