The nature of my work requires monitoring the Iranian press daily to know the Iranian point of view and how the mullahs govern the country and what priorities they put in their media discourse. By doing so, I find myself facing a lot of oddities, especially regarding the extent of misleading the politicians of Iran are practicing, whether to their people or the world at large, by promoting distorted images of Iran and making sure to keep the Iranians ignorant and instill fears in them by claiming that the whole world stands against them.

I also found a lot of examples in which the Iranian press, which represents the most backward religious regime on earth, attacking the United Arab Emirates and describing its people of being backward, locust eaters and desert dwellers!

It is known that this hateful and hostile stance towards Arabs is linked to the backward Persian racism. The author of these lines is an Emirati citizen, as his father and his fathers before, and has never witnessed eating locusts as the Iranians claim in their newspapers when they attack the UAE.

It is bizarre that newspapers and media outlets of a barbaric regime such as the Iranian regime resort to appease the Iranians and to justify the miserable situation they are living in through promoting lies.

If we choose to connect dots, the Iranians should ask themselves where Iran’s position in the global indicators is, on the economy and other world records! Certainly, the comparison between the UAE and Iran will not be in Iran’s favor in this regard, because Iran is the country that consumes its wealth and revenues to promote myths and arm and finance sectarian gangs that are remotely directed to sabotage the countries of the region.

To illustrate the difference between the growing development in the UAE, which witnesses renowned successes globally, and the cultivation of the ideology of illusions and myths in Iran, we will shed some light on some of the competitive figures achieved by the UAE.

It is not new for the UAE to occupy advanced positions in global indices on many vital level and field. Of course, numbers do not lie, and international institutions do not give their classification randomly, but based on real data of the targeted countries and according to very accurate scientific and field mechanisms.

In confirming the UAE’s leading position in the world, the Spectator Index, which measures the indicators of politics, economy, history, military affairs, sports, science and technology, has included the following statistics on the UAE: the UAE is the world’s number one in road quality, the third in terms of quality of airports.  In terms of electricity supply, the UAE ranked 20th, and in the education system, the UAE ranked ninth in the world. In the fields of mathematics and science, UAE is number 13, and in the field of innovation, it is in the 25th place, while it ranked second in terms of security and safety, and in terms of popular confidence in the country’s politics and leadership.

In manufacturing, many may not aware that the UAE is achieving advanced levels in military manufacturing and in space science. In the field of nuclear energy, the UAE is competing others in terms of efficiency and safety. All these gains are not for the UAE but for the whole Arab region in general. Moreover, we should not forget that the UAE passport has become the most powerful passport in the world, and this achievement was not achieved without the UAE economy and its distinguished international relations. Would the Iranian media dare to tell the Iranians that the desert dwellers in the UAE can visit 173 countries without visas?

Away from the numbers, since many did not experience living inside the UAE, the resident and visitor can tell that there are huge efforts by all institutions to raise the level of happiness and satisfaction inside the society, not in words and slogans, but deeds.

These statistics and numbers could easily have passed through with no mention in the periods of prosperity and collective peace and when the regional environment is heading towards development and prosperity, but the reality around us says that there are countries that are still using their wealth to finance destructive ideological projects, while poverty is spreading within them. Iran can be a true example of this, which is using its resources to spread myths and sectarianism. Worse still, Iran wants to its myths to be armed with missiles and military systems that are heavily funded by the people wealth, which in turn severely affects the Iranians who find themselves living under a group of clerics who have nothing to do with state administration.

What is even more serious is that Iran not only funds and disseminates myths and sectarian issues within its own society, but also its constitution recognizes the need to export such myths beyond its borders. Iran also has military arms and coalitions aimed at instilling the Iranian example of backwardness and extremism in all countries of the region, as well as infiltrating the Muslim communities in the diaspora, and in several poor countries, especially some African countries.

All this ideological expansion to export chaos, sectarianism and divisions costs a lot of money, energy, cadres and plans. But this does not prevent Iran from pursuing its subversive project. In order to sell this project and justify its funding, many media campaigns are being launched to deceive the peoples and minorities of Iran which are afflicted by the worst backward theocratic regime.

If we were to give Iran a ranking in any global index, it will undoubtedly come first in the depletion of its financial resources in return for the implementation of schemes based on illusions, myths and ideological aspirations with a divisive religious reference. In contrast, only poverty, disease, devastation and wars that undermine the security and stability of peoples can be achieved by Iran and its allies.

We can simply evaluate the Iranian project in Syria and Iraq to see how Iran operates like a gang and away from recognizing the value of the state and national unity. On the contrary, Iran does not want Iraq, Yemen or Syria to have stability under a modern state. Hence, it encourages militias and sectarian groups, and supports them militarily and financially. Iran only offer destruction and a few slogans to its allies which would lead them to sink into chaos.

By: Dr. Salem Hamid

June19, 2019

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