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Since its inception in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood has relied on the exploitation of religious passion and used populist discourse to deceive people by embracing the Islamic values in order to enhance its presence and expand its acceptance in Arab and Muslim societies. However, this organization has collided with what Abraham Lincoln once said about deception: “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” This fact has been stressed through the fates of many groups and organizations that were founded and spread thanks to deception and fabricating.

Since its founding in the 1920s, the Muslim Brotherhood has used a multifaceted approaches based on enormous propaganda and gray ideology that allowed as many people with different opinions and orientations as possible to join them in order to prepare them and embed them in the mold of Brotherhood’s thoughts and then involve them in the Brotherhood’s ideology, which then ostensibly constituted the sanctuary sought by the pessimistic Arab peoples from the conditions prevailing under the Western colonization of the Arab countries. On the other hand, the leaders of this organization were keen to manipulate the contradictions and passed massive concessions through concluding agreements and secret deals with the colonial countries, especially Britain, which played the most prominent role in forming and supporting this organization and spreading its ideas and formulating its policies and activities to become the most important British arm and instrument that carries out London’s agendas and guards its interests in the region.

In order to maximize mutual benefits and interests, the two parties have worked together in strict secrecy. In return, Britain provided great services and political, financial and logistical support to this organization wherever it existed, and established offices and think-tank chambers under a British auspices and supervision to be a starting point for the management of internal and external issues of the organization. Therefore, the Brotherhood’s success in deceiving a part of the Arab people over the past decades was the result of a British-Western tactic whose main objective was to manage and control the chaos in the Middle East by controlling a popular tool organized by those British-based offices and intellectual chambers.

During its activities, the organization, with the planning of British experts, managed to deceive some Arab youths in many Arab countries. In Egypt, most of the group’s members were brainwashed youths, whose Brotherhood leaders took advantage of their Islamic passion to join them under revolutionary slogans and through populist and nationalist rhetoric. These young men were the most important elements of the Brotherhood’s power. The organization also established public and secret offices in several other Arab countries and trained groups on arms in preparation for any possible military confrontation and began in the early 1980s its activities aimed at controlling governance in those countries. These activities have been successful in several Arab countries for a period, mainly Egypt. Their rise to this high level through deception and counterfeiting was the same reason for their fall due to the exposure of their terrorist activities and the unveil of their real goals, their intentions and main supporters, so this organization lost more than two-thirds of its supporters in the Arab world. This situation what prompted the Western powers to search for an alternative to this organization, which, in their view, has become obsolete, and like an old worn-out building that they sought to restore several times by supporting it with Qatari, Turkish and Iranian financial and political assistance, but to no avail. This failure pushed these powers to search for an alternative to the Brotherhood to become their new tool in maintaining the creative chaos in the Middle East.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

August 21, 2019

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