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Increase of slum dwellers in Iranian cities terrify the citizens

The Iranian people face many social and economic issues that have direct link with individual and social life and which threaten the national security of Iran. Even though Iran tries to display other side of the issue, the technological and scientific developments could uncover the hidden facts precisely and to present reports on the deteriorating internal situations of the Iranian people which are an outcome of the failure of the social, cultural and economic policies that ruled Iran 35 years.

Among the social issues that Iranian people are facing is the issue of slum dwellers, according to the statements of Mrs Samya Farhadi, Advisor of CEO of Al Um Company to Build City and for modernization 9 million live in unofficial and slum homes in 77 Iranian cities, and most of them are living with families which reach around 5.2 million and the numbers of dwellers whose homes need maintenance and renovation are 1.5 million dwell residential units which need 300 billion riyal in order to reconstruct and improve the situations.

Arman Newspaper cited statements of the CEO of Al Imran Holding in Iran Saed Izdi, who told that there are around 6 million persons in Iran live in slum dwellings and he told that, if we add this number into the hardworking classes this will reach around 16 million who live in bad conditions who constitute around one fourth of the population.

It is necessary to denote in other studies that estimate the population of slum dwellers in Iranian cities as 20 million, which means that the existence of such slum dwellings will be a hotbed and haven to create all sorts of crimes and a fertile starting point to form gangs and to spread crimes, lack of security and instability and the studies conducted on this group of dwellers in the western areas of the Tehran denote that, 59% of these people are criminals.

The problem of slum dwellers in Iran is one of the various dilemmas and social ills through which Iranian societies going on, like other ills, such as poverty, unemployment, weakness of moral bases, addiction, crimes of murders including family murder, weak graduation rates, divorce and family problems which have been attacking the edifice of these societies and bite its cultural and moral structure. But the Iranian authorities have become unable to solve these social ills and its role is confined to deny these dangers and is trying to display shining image on the internal situation.

The phenomenon of slum dwelling has pervaded in Iran as a reaction of many causes that belong to economic, demographic and administration factors, the lack of employment in the rural areas, absence of educational, health and social care services led to migrate many people in rural areas to the main cities and to build slums without adhering to laws, these slums have been made with wood, cardboard or tin and these dwellings lack necessary services like health, education, social care and cultural awareness and have become a source to spread diseases, crimes and illiteracy and also distort image of city dwelling of the city and cause to create security concern for the security officials  and destabilize the security perception of the people.   

The phenomenon of slum dwellers is seen in Iranian cities and especially in Tehran, the spread of displaced people has worsened the situation, the displaced people in Tehran are estimated around 15 thousand who use the roads, gardens, pavements and bridges to sleep who constitute with slum dwellers biggest percentage of criminals, thieves in the capital that caused to security issues in many areas in Tehran.

The western Azerbaijan is considered more common for this tragic phenomenon, that constitute around 1000 hectares and Miandoab city is considered in the first position in terms of slum dwellings in Iran.  

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09, November, 2014

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