A leader who destroyed Yemen and allied with evil powers

The ongoing development in Yemen reminds us the historical Yemeni mythology that a rat continued to snort in the wall of old Marib dam, the people kept watching erosion of the wall until it collapsed completely, and the civilization of Saba people was wiped out. The former President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh is trying to destroy Yemen and its military in order to take vengeance on his ousting from power and it can be said that the name of this person will be attributed to the calamities visited Yemen recently and in the past days.

Saleh is a smart politician, but through his own way, his cooperation with Iran and Houthi groups caused to destroy Yemen and its military and led to calamities and violence. One of them described him as the weapon of mass destruction to subvert the future of Yemen, when he was the legitimate President of Yemen his conduct was limited to Yemeni people, and it was clear that, during his rule Yemen was subjected to his temperament. But now there is an elected President after Saleh was compelled to leave power in the wake of the popular protests against his regime, when the gulf countries didn’t want collapse of Yemen and presented the gulf initiative before Ali Saleh, but his mentality prevented him from allowing Abd Rabbuh Mansur to carry on his duty to save Yemen and to move towards prosperity. After he returned from his treatment in Saudi Arabia he began to ally with Houthis loyal to Iran and became tool of Iran and formed military units to serve the sectarian orientation.

Even though Saleh signed the gulf initiative, he was covertly trying to destabilize the country and was in touch with military men loyal to him in order to take vengeance on the Yemen and its new legitimate government only because he was compelled to leave power.

Salah has not to outbid on the gulf and Arab move to rescue Yemen from the Iranian plan and from endorsing the Yemeni military to serve sectarian project, the Arab move comes from the firmly established principle of Arab league and joint defense accord, and the Arab alliance will respect territorial integrity of Yemen and its freedom and its intervention was based on the call by the Yemeni President to halt the expansion of Houthis supported by Iran.

The analysts were not in the anticipation that, Seleh would use some military leaders to protect the Iranian project, and to oppose the legitimacy and gulf Arab response to save Yemen from the project. Yemen will be remained a part of Arab surrounding and will never be allowed to shift it to the Iranian base to threaten the Arab gulf security.

Hate of Saleh towards his people was the motive behind his moves, he is unaware of the consequences of choosing destructive path, it was best to respect the people whom he led past, but he decided to destroy the military of Yemen by dragging it into the clash that doesn’t serve the country and its stability. He had to learn from the aftermath of those leaders whose stubbornness led to destruction of their countries, who were cursed by the people, whose absurd stances attracted chaos, collapse and civil wars. Yemenis will never remember Saleh as a contributor to the unity of Yemen, but will remember as one who decided to take vengeance on his people, supported sectarian violence and involved in a war without a cause, his fate will be to enter in the list of hostile persons towards their people.

Dr. Salem Humaid

06, April, 2015

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