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UAE story of permanent glory and bids to create never-ending miracles

UAE a country that is continuing to achieve miracles, the leaders of the countries, heads of international institutions and various medias witness this development achieved by the country in all fields, in this juncture we have to glance over some shining aspects in the country that assert its glory in all fields. The General Secretary of UN hailed in his speech delivered through You Tube during the regional forum of pearl initiative and UN global compact held in Dubai under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and he appreciated His Highness Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed al Qasimi, Supreme Council member and Ruler of Sharjah, the founding sponsor of the pearl initiative and he also expressed his gratitude to His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed for his patronage of this joint forum with global compact. Ban Ki moon said that he wishes to enable this cooperation between pearl initiative and global compact of UN to help more companies in the gulf region to achieve development. The regional forum for pearl initiative and UN global compact was attended by more than 500 regional and international business heads, representatives of organizations belonging to UN and leaders of governments and civil society. The activities of the forum also were characterized by launching pearl initiative entitled “The professional path of woman in gulf region: agenda of CEOs” which is a set of in-depth surveys that included 600 ladies entrepreneurs from gulf region and the results of the report was discussed during the session of the second speakers. The pearl initiative is an independent non-profit establishment established by the business sector and is working in different parts of the Gulf region in the Middle East to enhance culture of transparency and corporate accountability. The Global Compact of UN is an initiative launched in 2000 and is considered as the biggest working platform of the companies committed to sustainability and responsible practices.

The “I teach” group the British Education establishment specialized in recruiting and training teachers via internet based in Dubai unveiled a new study and asserted that, UAE has become a pioneering emblem among the global education markets in diversification of culture in education sector in terms of number of nationalities joining the schools irrespective of cultural and cognitive aspects especially in the elementary stages with students belong to more than 180 nationalities who join schools in various parts of the country. The study showed that the government circles use utmost effort to meet needs of different sectors and mentioned that, the educational institutions approved by the British curriculum in UAE reach 100 schools to be more among the international curriculums existing in UAE, the primary stage is considered the biggest by 42% of the students in Dubai only and UAE provides 16 different syllabus with about 350 schools in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and the ADEC expected recently registration of 100 new schools to be opened its doors for 140 thousand students by 2020.

At media level, efforts of UAE and its feature are praised in all sectors, the Washington Times said that, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Presidnet, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai is leading Dubai into the global standard in different fields, especially in the economic field when region is passing through instability and the OPEC countries also are suffering from decrease in oil prices. His Highness made Dubai a spot attracted by the world and made it capital of Arab business and trade. The newspaper said that, development of that soft power took years adding that, the popularity of His Highness is one important aspect behind this success. Dubai held international events like Dubai World Cup for Horse Race. This world cup was exceeded in its charm this year and as the newspaper reported His Highness Sheikh Mohammed utilized organizing of these events as a weapon of soft power to draw a world picture of Dubai.

The report of Financial Times excluded UAE from the GCC from being affected its economy by oil price retreat, considering its dependence on diversified economic activities that, reduced contribution of oil and gas in GDP. The newspaper reported from Jason analyst of Capital Economics Company that, UAE in general and Dubai in particular perhaps can be considered unique story of success considering it not to be affected by the retreat of oil prices. Dubai has been changed to a prominent regional tourism and business centre regardless of its volume of government spending for huge projects and its neighbors are still depend on it to a great extent.

The French newspaper Le Figaro said that, Dubai is aspiring always to play pioneer role in its construction engineering, airports and in its airspace in general. After tallest building in the world, biggest airport, establishment of Airlines Company the Tram Dubai came to be first Tram project in the desert region operated by ground based electricity supply system without need to hanging wires. The newspaper continued that Alstorm company provided front part of the train closer to black diamond, as well as facility of internal transfer of vehicles implemented using specifications selected by Dubai.

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21, April, 2015


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