The Grand mosque in Abu Dhabi received during the month of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr holiday about half million fasting worshippers and 480 thousand in the tent of “our fasting guests” being held every year.

The mosque received about 415 thousand including 250 thousand worshippers of Taraweeh (Ramadan Night prayer) and 135 worshipers in the Tahajjud (midnight prayer) on the 27th day of Ramadan and about 27 thousand worshippers attended the prayer of Eid festival.

About 50 thousand people from different nationalities visited the Grand mosque during the morning time of Ramadan, the number of visitors during Eid reached about 26 thousand and the second day of Eid registered high level presence of visitors that reached 16 thousand.

The Grand mosque Centre  during the Ramadan organized many projects like “our fasting guests” in addition to many religious lectures to develop the community at cultural level that were conducted after the Taraweeh prayer.

The Centre had completed all preparations to receive holy month by preparing halls of prayer and outside areas in the grand mosque to receive thousands of worshippers and the Centre also hosted Quran reciting elites as part of its “ lights of Ramadan” and the Sheikh Idris was the imam of the prayer throughout the Ramadan and the prayers of Taraweeh and Tahajjud were aired by the channels of Abu Dubai.

This initiative is considered among the initiatives of the Centre during the month of Ramadan to give spiritual situation during the prayer and the Quran was recited completely during the Tahajjud prayers.

The Centre also set up mobile field hospital contains 16 beds since the beginning of the last tens of Ramadan to provide first aids and health care to the worshippers in addition to providing 6 ambulance to deal with medical situation and also 2000 medical chairs were allocated for patients and for those with special needs in order they can perform prayers.

Reported by

Etihad News Paper

26, July, 2015