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ISIS enters Turkey

Turkey remained for a long period far away from the threats of the terrorist ISIS that used to conduct attacks on its borders, Turkey was not targeted by this terrorist group when it was roaming creating chaos in Iraq and Syria, this situation had baffled the observers and some of them accused Turkey of coordinating with this organization to attack Kobani in Ayn Al Arab, telling that Turkey helped members of ISIS to enter into Kobani through its borders, trucks of weapons to ISIS were seized, but Turkey had denied these allegations. However the complicated situation in Syria may expose this and it is known that Turkey is supporting the Syrian opposition against the regime in Syria but remained neutral in the war against ISIS and contributed moral support in the global alliance against it and didn’t allow to be used  its military bases and airports against ISIS.

While ISIS is was conducting attacks and roaming on the borders of Syria Turkey kept watching the developments, to understand deeply the stance of Turkey it is necessary to understand the complicated issue of Kurdish the main problem of Turkey, Turkey had fought against the Kurdistan Labor Party and they could detain its leader Abdullah Ocalan through a coordinated intelligence operation in Kenya, Turks are worry about this party that is trying to establish a Kurdish state that will be a threat to the national security of Turkey as it considers, especially when the population of Kurds in Turkey is about 15 million and majority of them are residing in South of Turkey that is next to the Kurdish areas in Northern Syria that are separated by joint borders of Turkey and Syria and this is a bothering nightmare for Turks and put them in difficultyand they perhaps prefer supporting ISIS or to be silent to wage a war against this organization that will help Kurds to consolidate their stance in Northern Syria and to intensify their power that is creating pain for Turks.

These scenarios have been changed recently, especially after the terrorist activities carried out by ISIS in Kilis province that led to kill one noncommissioned officer and in injuring two soldiers, the Turkish forces attacked sites of ISIS inside Turkey and intensified its patrols on borders and the heavy weapons were ready to defy any possible attack. The events were developed recently and Turkey entered in the fight against ISIS by carrying out its aerial attacks against sites belonging to ISIS in Syria, when the police for anti terrorism arrested many people in different parts of the country. This is the first time Turkey is entering the war against the ISIS openly by attacking with its war planes and it has opened its air bases to the international alliance especially its military base Incirlik in the south to carry out attacks against ISIS, but the statements issued by the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu were contradictory who told that the attack on ISIS has achieved the objective and wouldn’t stop and he added that the participation of Turkey in the war going on since four years in Syria is not possible, but we would take all necessary measures to protect our borders. But some see participation of Turkey only a response but the internal threat will continue to haunt Turkey that has prompted five thousand police forces supported by helicopters to move against the assumed activists of the ISIS and 251 persons were detained on charges of belonging to terrorist groups and these developments underline that the matters have been turned upside down and no way except to fight the ISIS after months of inaction and silence.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

26, July, 2015

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