No room for extremists in UAE

The thought of extremists and those who fall in the trap of terrorist groups are against the nature of openness of the UAE, the path of tolerance and devotion to develop the country, adherence to the identity and to the religiousness that unite the citizens and keep them united. This is the religiousness that UAE knows, and is consistent with the spirit of Islam that is far away from the discord, expiatory thoughts, killing and hatred that are found the in the thought of terrorists and expiatory groups.

The arrest of terrorist cell by UAE asserts the ability of its people to safeguard its spirit on the religion. It is not possible to find the terrorists a room for their orientations linked to crime and subversion. UAE people are besieging extremism, because it is strange to a society of tolerance and the supporters of this strayed thought can’t find incubating place in this country.

It is sure that, our community will never follow silence towards any terrorist group, its security is keen to protect its youths from snakes that are expectorating its toxics of extremism into the minds of some but they failed and their activities were turned futile.

The country has referred a terrorist group named Al Manara youth organization to the Federal Court, and the reactions asserted that the country is not ready to deviate from the right path and to adopt the terrorist thought, this is situation of the head of the Al Manara  Youth group Khalid Kalantar who had worked in the Ministry of Education as teacher of Islamic studies and was kept away from his services due to his expiatory thoughts and later he established an organization and changed it to a nest to trap minds of many of its students who are targeted by the extremists because they can find chance to spread extremism and to fill their minds with thoughts of hatred and violence.

Personally I was the student of Kalantar in the primary phase; I remember that his teaching of Islamic subject was turning based on his expiatory syllabus to teach the student hatred, malice and intolerance towards others, we were feeling in the words and dealings of that teacher hatred towards the nation, but the comprehensive education by the family and the community protects the UAE student from falling into thoughts like Kalantar. The extremists failed to achieve their objectives and are unable to create influence on students, because the UAE citizen sees his country as in lofty position, his family and community protecting the customs, and are devoted to the natural rule and this make all the claims of the extremists in futile and become unable to enter into the minds of people.

The event of referring of the cell “Al Manara” to the Federal Court, and based on the reports of the medias about the background of this group and its leadership, we can find that, the Ministry of Education had kept away the accused Kalanthar after the ministry could understand his leaning towards extremism, then he was also exempted from the duty of leading prayers in the Al Manara mosque due to his misled and expiatory way and his bids to continue to spread that thought. The newspapers also talked about his policy of expiating the leaders of the state and targeting the children from 6 years and above especially the students of his school and camps in the country. He was also famous by his extremist speeches in his private school, Manara mosque, camps of Al Warqa, in his home and Khor Fakkan, Fujairah and Al Ain areas and he had instigated group of youths in UAE to wage holy war and helped them to enter Syria.

All these facts can be considered to isolate and trial this extremist to protect UAE youths from his subversive program, it is imperative on us to protect our government and private schools and mosques from such people who only think to subvert the stable communities and their security and to penetrate into the minds and drag them to mazes to divert them from the productive and awareness of life.

Dr. Salem Humaid

Etihad Newspaper


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