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The poem “Salman” by the Emirati poet Jomaa bin Manea al-Ghowais al-Swaidi, has enjoyed wide attention and impressive presence in the Iranian media, including the most important newspapers and news agencies in Iran, fronted by the Fars news agency, Iran’s student newspaper, Jomhuri Islami newspaper, and Khabar newspaper. Other outlets also circulated the content of the poem and published a video of the poet al-Swaidi reciting his poem in front of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, during his attendance at Zayed Heritage Festival in the United Arab Emirates. The Iranian media translated the content of this poem into Farsi and published it, drawing great attention.

Iran’s circulation of the poem by the Emirati poet has revealed several things that demonstrated the extent of Iran’s anger towards this poem, in which the poet expressed sentiments including governmental and popular Emirati-Saudi collaboration in adopting a unified vision on regional issues, the full seriousness involved in combating terrorism, reducing Iran’s interfering, and working to establish security and stability in the region, not all of which are viewed favourably by the Iranian regime, which considers it a threat to its downfall.

At a time that the Iranian media were promoting demagogically for deceptive and sedition thoughts in which they claimed for the existence of differences between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the brotherly visit of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the UAE and the warm reception he received from the leadership and the people of the UAE, has been considered as a slap which knocked the Iranian media’s goals of sowing discord among the Gulf states, which their alliance has always posed a bulwark against the Iranian destructive project in the Gulf region.

There is no doubt that the Iranian media have an essential goal of translating and publicizing the content of this poem extensively and in delivering it to the vast majority of the Persians, i.e. a clear incitement against the Emirati poet, ” Jomaa bin Manea al-Ghowais al-Swaidi,” who excelled and mastered in writing an Arab and national poem, in which he addressed realistic facts that have infuriated the Iranian regime. It can also be said that the way the Iranian media have published the news of this poem has showed spiteful thinking and seamy targeting for the poet personally and to the content of the poem.

After mentioning the name of God and praying for luck in telling the truth, in his poem, the poet mentioned the feats and the originality of the Arab Emirati hospitality and what the Emirati citizens possess of high morals in generosity, courage and hospitality. The poet proudly honoured his country’s leadership and army for what they have achieved at all levels which later became national celebrations that entrench in the memory all the previous accomplishments and highlight the decisiveness  of the Gulf powers in supporting the brotherly people of Yemen by putting an end to the Houthi rebellion and to the Iranian project.

The poem “Salman” has won the desirability of the audience and raised their huge admiration. Emiratis and Saudis on social media have also interacted with this poem, which gained massive acceptable and circulation by them, confirming their admiration for its content and meaning.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

8 December 2016





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