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A careful reading of the events’ developments and their political, economic and security repercussions, and with a closer look at the parties that have benefited from these events since the first spark of the so-called Arab Spring so far, several facts unveil that are difficult to be denied due to their hard evidence, which is that the real parties behind the fighting, destruction, spreading chaos and destabilizing security and stability in the Arab region are the Mullahs’ regime in Iran, the Qatari regime and the Muslim Brotherhood organization and those are undoubtedly the triad of evil, chaos and destruction that pervaded the region. Their operations began with secrecy and planning behind the closed doors to end up working in daylight, especially after the start of the Decisive Storm in Yemen in order to restore legitimacy from the Houthi coup, and that has increased after the boycott of the Arab countries to Qatar.

In fact, this treacherous trio includes the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and its Quds Force, the Qatari army and intelligence and the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. In this, Qatar is the main financier of plans to spread chaos in the Arab countries and the center of operations, where all Brotherhood leaders, officers of the Revolutionary Guard and the Qatari army meet. The Muslim Brotherhood in their turn offer their expertise to achieve these plans while Iran has the role of supporting, managing and completing as it is the biggest beneficiary of the project of the Iranian-Qatari-Ikhwani creative chaos.

With no doubt, there are many common denominators and objectives among these three parties: first: expansion in the Arab region and controlling its wealth and decisions; secondly: weakening Arab regimes, armies and peoples; and thirdly: igniting infighting, spreading chaos, escalation, tension, and replacing dialogue and negotiation with hostility in order to pass the first and second objectives.

The Qatari regime viewed Iran’s crimes and interventions in the region as expansive victories to fulfil the hopes of Iran’s Safavid project, through which and by supporting the Iranian ambitions, Qatar could become a regional power allied with the Mullahs in Iran. For that, Qatar sought to open secret channels of communication with the Iranian regime, which gave the mission of testing how trustworthy Qatar is to the Revolutionary Guard. Hence, Qatar had to assert its allegiance to the Iranian project before starting any Iranian-Qatari cooperation, therefore, security and military agreements were signed, and Qatar supported the Iranian arm in Yemen and provided the Houthis with classified information about the Arab Coalition forces in Yemen, which led to the deaths of dozens of Arab soldiers because of the betrayal of Qatar that history will record in the black record of the Qatari regime. Qatar also provided financial and intelligence support to extremist Shiite groups in Iraq and other proofs that made Iran trusts Doha and increases their mutual coordination until the current Gulf crisis was planned and fabricated by Tehran and Doha to share roles, interests and goals.

Qatar wanted to move forward with Iran’s expansionist project on the basis of gaining regional roles and supporting it in penetrating some Arab capitals and controlling their sovereignty. On the other hand, Iran wants Qatar to be the tool when trying to hit Saudi Arabia. The Muslim Brotherhood in its black hostile history to the Arab regimes and their peoples have also joined this plan, turning the Arab region into a point of conflict between the Iranian-Qatari- Ikhwani axis of evil and the axis of countering terrorism.

While Iran is the strongest among this ominous trio, and since the involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar in its destructive project reached the point of no return, Iran turned both Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood into Iranian tools such as Hezbollah and Houthis, thus destroying the sovereignty and prestige of the Qatari regime to the point of begging Iran to increase trade exchange between the two parties to avoid the fall of the regime in Doha. Reports and evidence even indicate that the Iranian regime is the one who carried out the terrorist operation that targeted al-Rawda mosque in Sinai, Egypt, using its Qatari and Ikhwani agents.

Al  Mezmaah  Studies & Research Centre

27  November   2017

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