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Some regional powers, mainly Israel and Iran, were quick to exploit the Qatari crisis by supporting the regime there in its hostile positions towards the Arab brothers with the aim of dividing the Arab and Gulf ranks and turning Doha into a center for implementing their agendas and expansionist plans. On the other hand, Qatar’s response to these sinister policies was quick and ill-considered, and only served those who want harm to the Arab peoples.

Publishing dozens of reports on overt and covert relations between Doha and Tel Aviv over the past decades confirms that Qatar was not only seeking peace with Israel but has been working hard to be a strategic ally to it and an aid for the Zionist lobby in the region. Qatar has been offering its services to Israel and has not hid its readiness to implement the Israeli agendas and plans against the Palestinian people and the peoples of the entire region, while trying to deceive Arab and Islamic public opinion by claiming to support the resistance against the Israeli occupation.

Reports of the secret security, military and media relations between Doha and Tel Aviv are numerous, and it seems that the Qatari authorities are no longer able to conceal them and hide their truth. Israeli political analyst Shimon Aran tweeted on his Twitter personal account that a high-ranking Israeli security figure “did not mention his name” had recently visited Qatar to discuss calming the situation with the Qatari officials and reach an agreement on the deal of the century, security and economic agreements between the two sides at the expense of the Palestinian cause and the Arab peoples. It is needless to say that there are many reports which have revealed the reality of Qatar and its conspiring with the Zionist entity.

Qatar is trying today to present itself to the United States and Israel as a player that could convince the Palestinians to agree to the deal of the century, after all other Arab countries, especially Jordan, refused to play this role. In return, Doha wants to be allowed to play a greater role in the region and that super powers turn a blind eye to its terrorist policies and destructive behavior, especially as these terrorist policies are directed only at the Arab countries. Although it looks like that Qatar is seeking to ease the siege on the Palestinians in Gaza, the reality behind Doha’s moves that it is only trying to play a role larger than its size on the one hand, and it is seeking to achieve regional and international gains through the exploitation of the Gaza crisis and the Palestinian issue on the other hand.

The Qatari regime remains the most effective and important mediator between Iran and Israel for its role in bringing together their interests and views and its quest to remove differences in order to unify the Israeli-Iranian policies against the interests of the Arab countries, especially the boycotting ones. Qatar plays as a bridge and a link between Israel and Iran on the one hand and terrorist groups on the other, where all these parties are working on implementing the creative chaos project in the region, which aims at weakening Arab countries by spreading chaos, fighting, sedition and sectarianism to facilitate later dominating them and controlling their wealth.

Qatar is currently seeking to strengthen its relations with the Zionist lobby by providing services in exchange of support for its positions against the Arab boycotting countries. The Qatari regime wants to send a message to Israel and its supporters that Qatar and Israel have a common enemy, namely the Arab countries, especially those countries that have stood up against to the Qatari terrorist project and boycotted Doha. The Qatari regime provides a huge media services to Israel through Al-Jazeera, which blows its poison towards the Arab peoples, while working hard to white-wash Israel’s image and policies and promote its projects and plans in the region and the world.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

Augut 15, 2018


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