Ostensibly, Qatar seems to enjoy a stable and strong political and economic conditions, however, the truth is quite the opposite. The situation in Qatar is becoming more precarious and is on its way to the abyss, thanks to the policies of those who rule Qatar behind the scene and their compelling the Qatari Emir Tamim bin Hamad to implement these policies without any discussion.

Although the official Emir of Qatar is Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad, the actual ruler is still Hamad bin Khalifa and his policy adviser Hamad bin Jassim. Crises and disagreements between the two sides are on the rise in many internal and regional issues and ways of dealing with them. These differences, which were to be limited to members of the ruling family, have even reached the state’s political, economic, military and security institutions, and there is a confusion inside the country because of the escalation in these differences, which are expected to worsen in the coming days due to the worsening economic crises and the increasing isolation Qatar is suffering due to its insistence on supporting terrorism and igniting strife and fighting in Arab countries.

These hidden divisions have created a state of rivalry between the two parties over who would win officials and Influential personalities in Qatari institutions, with a clear lack of confidence among these contenders, meaning that Qatar is on the verge of a major internal crisis could overthrow the entire regime.

Differences between the two parties are centered on many issues, mainly the Qatari crisis and how to deal with it. Despite the disagreement of some Qatari leaders of handing in the fate of their country to the Muslim Brotherhood and the regime of Iran, as well as using foreigners and the enemies of the nation against the Arab brothers, but the biggest dispute is still centered on accepting or rejecting the demands of the Arab Quartet and whether to end or continue the current crisis. This dispute is escalating as internal problems escalate and regional, Arab and international isolation of Doha increases.

There are also serious differences between the two parties over appointing and dismissing people from sensitive positions in the state institutions, especially military and security ones, with the trade of accusations and escalating differences over who is taking decisions and the parties and persons authorized to conclude agreements and make sovereign decisions under an Iranian, Turkish and Ikhwani hegemony On the Qatari sovereign decision which has angered some of the Qatari officials who found themselves marginalized and have no influence or decision because of the Iranian and Turkish interventions.

Qatar is now going through difficult and unstable internal conditions and they are likely to explode at any time. Besides the growing differences and rifts among the members of the ruling family, there is a state of intense tension and distrust that have begun to spread among Qatari officials on the one hand and between Qataris officials and Iranian and Turkish ones on the other, and this has had a clear impact on the administrative performance of the country internally and externally in a way that causes great damage to the country and the people of Qatar in large, with the increasing effects of the boycott and the continuation of the crisis with the Gulf countries and the world. And this in turn has resulted a wave of intense resentment and anger from the policies of the regime which only brought devastation and destruction.

The state of division inside Qatar is likely to exacerbate quickly if Doha did not declare its compliance with the Arab demands and ending the crisis with the boycotting countries. The insistence on the wrong policies and the resulting crises and allowing the Iranian interventions in Qatar have been the main reason for deepening the internal divisions, in addition to the dissatisfaction with the policies of the Hamdeen-organization and the marginalization of the Tamim’s team. Due to the current situation, people are grumbling from the members of the ruling family and there are major divisions and conflicts within the country because of the continuing crisis with the Gulf countries and the world. This confirms that the Qatari regime is going to choose between two fates, either surrender or fall!

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

30 September  2018