More than 500 days of the Qatari crisis and Doha has found itself suffering an international, regional and Arab isolation and whenever its name being mentioned, especially in the Arab world, it must be always linked with supporting terrorism and conspiring against the Arab peoples. Boycotting Qatar by the Arab countries has borne fruit, as terrorist activities in the region and the world at large have decreased significantly, differences, disturbances and strife have been reduced as well, and the region has been able to restore some of its security and stability in more than one place and country. More importantly, the enemies of the Arab and Islamic nation and their terrorist tools and subversive forces have suffered significant losses after they were enjoying many victories at the expense of the countries of the region.

Undoubtedly, boycotting Qatar has played a major role in the process of restoring legitimacy in Yemen and weakening the Houthi terrorist group. ISIS as well has lost more than two-thirds of its members and forces and the terrorist groups in Africa has been diminished and the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist organization has lost influence in many Arab regions.

The Qatari regime believed that its tenacity on its policies would be the most effective way to face its crisis, hence, this stubbornness has led this regime to further its terrorist activities and to involve in crimes and actions that are harmful to Qatar more than anyone else. The Iranian and Ikhwani sides have played an important role as well in forcing this regime into following hostile policies towards the Arab countries with the aim of dividing the Arab ranks and instill sedition, which led to the depletion of the Qatari economy and the regime losing the confidence of its people and continue to suffer from isolation and crises at all levels that are very difficult to get out from.

The Qatari regime has abandoned the Arab and Islamic nation for the sake of continuing its subversive policies and to avoid angering the Iranian and Ikhwani allies, not understanding that such policies will only lead to destruction. Nonetheless, when the Qatari regime was fed up with the Iranian regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, who are on their way of collapse, and realizes that it is them who need the help not itself, then realizes the extent of its predicament and how it became alone in a world of growing alliances and blocs. Thus, it will certainly be looking now for solutions to get out of his crisis with minimal losses.

Moreover, the Qatari regime is currently seeking to improve its relations with the Zionist entity in order to ease the global pressure on it by trying to influence the American and Western decision through the Zionist lobbies there. However, its weak financial position would make it very hard for it to achieve such goals and even if it had such capabilities, Qatar sovereign institutions have been completely infiltrated by Iran’s intelligence and the International Muslim Brotherhood organization which have the upper hand and the final word.

Doha has failed to internationalize its crisis or to use the help of the international community or any other unrelated parties to end the crisis and break the boycott, and thus found itself, despite all the concessions, wasting billions and sacrificing everything, facing an inevitable boycott even if it lasted for another 100 years as long as Doha on its approach of supporting terrorism, disobeying the Arab and Gulf consensus and submitting itself to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. Qatar knows very well that there is no choice but to bow and comply to all demands of the Arab Quartet. Otherwise, the regime will inevitably fall, and the fall in the coming days will be faster because of the crises that are raging within the country and within its allies, Iran and Turkey. Prolonging the life of the crisis does only harm Qatar and its people, while the boycotting countries are in their interest to maintain this boycott as long as Qatar is insisting on its subversive policies, its support for terrorism and conspiring with the Iranian regime against the countries of the region.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

October 2,  2018