The policies pursued by the Qatari regime towards the regional issues are no more than hysterical policies practiced by the leaders of this regime, who are suffering from schizophrenia which leads their intransigence in managing the internal and external affairs. This situation has pushed the regime as well as the country into the trap of the regional powers that have expansionist goals, especially Iran and Turkey, where the International Brotherhood organization succeeded in hijacking Qatar and put it at the disposal of its destructive projects and hand it over to the enemies of the Arab and Islamic nation in retaliation for its collapse and expulsion from Arab countries.

Stubbornness and obstinacy remain the master of the situation for the symbols of the Qatari regime, as they continue to pour oil on the flames that they ignited with their Arab brethren. They spare no effort to confirm the role of Doha as the center of a terrorist system that works to liquidate the region’s issues which only serve the axis of evil, Iran- Turkey-the Muslim Brotherhood, and seek to encircle the Gulf states which are facing the tripartite evil terrorism, as well as its attempts to disrupt actions and plans to combat terrorism in various ways and methods. This all came after achieving many successes and triumphs in fighting terrorism and seeking an end for the destructive Qatari-Iranian policies in the region.

Insisting on its current policies will not do much favor to Doha but rather, it would further the damage to the Qatari state. The most affected by the Qatari crisis, the regime’s subversive policies, the determination to sponsor terrorism and obeying Iran is the State of Qatar itself and not anyone else! This proves that the regime’s leaders are only working in accordance with their personal interests, away from the country’s national interests or the interest of the Qatari people. and this is exactly what making the Qatari street erupting and losing patience with the intransigence and the regime’s insistence on its wrong policies.

What is astonishing is that the official Qatari media discourse has reached a hysterical and irresponsible situation towards the boycotting countries. This was manifested in giving full freedom and unleashing those who want to write and fabricate stories and lies in the propaganda campaign against the Arab quartet countries. This made the Qatari media lose the confidence of the Arab and Western people, after becoming a tool in the hands of the Qatari regime that insults their minds by providing counterfeit and fabricated news, which is easy for any observer to discover its falsehood and deception.

According to many observers, the Qatari media, after reaching this hysteric stage, is mostly harming the regime and Qatari institutions more than others, especially after it ignited many strife and fighting in more than one Arab country as well as promoting terrorism, misleading public opinions and trying to sabotage the national security of the region’s countries.

After the loss of the Qatari media to the confidence of the Arab public, the regime in Qatar found no other way to influence Arab public opinion except by buying non-Qatari media outlets. This attempt has begun to expand recently due to the decline in popularity of the Qatari media, especially Al-Jazeera channel, to their lowest levels. This has prompted the regime to resort to the media outlets elsewhere and in some Arab and African countries in an attempt to make them adopt the Qatari official positions by offering bribes and promises of financial aid in return for promoting its stances and policies as well as attacking the boycotting countries, especially Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to that, the Qatari regime has formed an army of “electronic flies” on social media websites with fake names and accounts and has been spending millions of dollars a month on them in order to attack Saudi Arabia and the UAE, promote the policies of Doha and fabricate stories and lies that serve its objectives. This poisonous weapon has become increasingly used by Doha in recent days after losing all available weapons that could face the facts and reality.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

October 4,  2018