All terrorist methods that can be used in Yemen against the legitimate forces and the Yemeni people have been implemented by the Houthi group in several times and in many areas, from bombing, killing and assassination to starvation, threats and arrests. This organized terrorism was practiced by this group with the aim of controlling Yemen, plundering its resources and turning it into an instrument in the hands of the Iranian regime. However, whenever it feels the threat or its near end, it intensifies its repression and crimes in a hysteric way, turning the capital Sana’a and the areas under its control into large prisons where children are forced to take up arms and go to the front lines and fight. These violations against the Yemeni people have doubled. Hundreds of unarmed civilians, including children and women, have been killed, to the abductions and house raids, and not ending with establishing secret prisons to accommodate dozens of abductees and detainees.

According to reports from inside Yemen, the Houthis have recently intensified their terrorist activities, repressive tactics and brutal practices in an unprecedented manner, which can be taken as an indicator of their weakness, the bitterness they feel following losing many areas and their inability to attack or repel the progress of legitimate forces backed by coalition forces on various fronts, especially in Hudaydah. Reports indicate that the Houthis have carried out a wide-scale arrest in Sanaa after the emergence of strong opposition against them. The leaders of these militias are afraid that this opposition might have their own leaders one day who would organize their ranks and reinforce their power against the Houthis in the areas under their control. The Houthis are also expanding the circle of assassinations in cooperation with elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah.

In the same context, the Houthi group obstructs and prevents the humanitarian aids from reaching the Yemeni people or in most cases stealing them before reaching their destinations, in order to blackmail the international community that a famine might hit the Yemenis if the battles led by the legitimate forces and the Arab coalition against the putschists continue. The Houthi militias also deliberately prevent the exit of oil and food commodities from Hudaydah to the capital Sana’a and other Yemeni cities, which made the economy and the Yemeni people suffer greatly because of the Houthi coup.

Houthis also follows the tactic of targeting unarmed civilians and then prepares fabricated photos and footages alleging that these people have been targeted by the legitimate forces and Arab coalition planes to deceive public opinion, organizations and the international community to exert pressure on the legitimate government and coalition forces.

On the media level, the Houthi group is conducting a systematic counterfeiting of facts and news through spreading fabricated reports and news with no bases, in addition to its media campaign against Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the legitimate Yemeni government. Moreover, the Houthi group is targeting media institutions because of its active role in serving the national cause and supporting legitimacy against their coup. It is currently leading a diabolical plot aimed at promoting sectarian strife and deceitful news, including spreading forged documents, photographs and military orders from the national army as well as the Arab coalition forces in Yemen. in order to achieve this goal, electronic cells, run by a specialized group of the Houthis, Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah, have established. Their mission is to promote sectarian thoughts and to defend the behavior of criminal militias across different platforms in various social media websites, deliberately using aliases, and forged pictures of people from the targeted countries, as well as fabricating false resolutions and circulars aimed at stirring up strife inside Yemen in a way that serves the interests of the Houthis.

The escalation in Houthis’ criminal activities and repressive and terrorist actions is an indication of its entry into the stage of decline, defeat and downfall, especially as these actions have significantly increased the opposition of the Yemeni people, parties and tribes against the Houthi coup, the latest of which was the claim of seven Yemeni parties that the Houthi militias have the complete responsibility for the war imposed on the Yemenis.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

October 10,  2018