The economic and social conditions in Iran are deteriorating further in a way that increases the pressure on the Iranian citizens who are about to collapse completely due to their inability to bear any more of the living and economic burdens. For that, experts and analysts have been studying the situation inside Iran thoroughly in order to see where things are heading and what are the most plausible forecasts for Iran’s future?

These studies have concluded that the poor economic conditions inside Iran are a very logical result of the Iranian regime’s policies, the behavior of its Revolutionary Guard and its interventions in the region, the failure of governments in running the country’s affairs, the unprecedented corruption rampant to the extent that cannot be curtailed or addressed In Iran due to its deep connection with the very basic rule in Iran: buying loyalties through turning blind eye to looting and corruption!

In addition, taking into consideration the efforts of the Iranian authorities to put forward programs and plans aim at addressing the deteriorating situation, these programs did not bring any improvement to the economy of the country whatsoever and the conditions of the citizen remain as bad as ever and could be even worse, which means that these fruitless plans were a numbing injection to deceive the Iranian citizen and ease the anger of the communities.

Given what the government or the regime have of policies and plans to revive the economy and curb the deterioration of the situation, it can be said that the Iranian authorities have exhausted all their programs in this regard, and no longer has anything to offer to improve the situation, so it shows keen interest and does its best to launch the European financial mechanism in order to address the problems caused by US sanctions.

In this context, experts stress that finding an alternative Swift to the United States’ one is not as easy as the leaders of the Iranian regime imagine or trying to promote. The United States dictates its desires to the world by taking advantage of such tools. In fact, the whole world is forced to follow US policies in this area, and the Europeans are unlikely to change their attitudes, especially towards Iran, the notorious country that sponsors terrorism and breaches human rights.

Therefore, the proposal of creating a European financial mechanism aimed at circumventing US sanctions, at least for the time being, is only a dream for the Europeans, and hence it is inconceivable that the Iranian government would plan its economy and make decisions for the country based on hopes and illusions!

On the other hand, thanks to the hostile policies of its regime, Iran has moved away from the international community. Instead of making friends and good relations, it has established enmity with many regional and international countries, making it the most isolated country in the world and its regime the most illegitimate regime in the world. This means that Iran will not find anyone to help it to improve its economic situation, especially as its needs are huge to overcome these crises, and countries with which it built alliances and good relations such as Turkey and Qatar are also suffering due to their wrong policies, isolation and boycott and they will not be able to give what they do not have as themselves they need assistance to address their economic crises, which are also deteriorating.

According to studies and reports, the internal situation in Iran is heading for the worst and it will reach a suffocating economic crisis, an inevitable result of the US sanctions and the resulting economic and trade embargo on Iran combined with the inability of the authorities to offer any successful remedy. Moreover, in light of the continuing high rates of poverty, which rose this year by 30%, and the Iranian government’s budget reduction for the next Iranian year to about half of what it was this year, making it 47 billion dollars, this will increase the crisis and economic problems further by 50%, what means that the number of the poor people will double next year, reaching tens of millions, indicating the possibility of a revolution of the hungry against the policies of the Iranian regime.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

December 30 , 2018