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Shock after shock and loss after another, that is the outcome of the Qatari policies nowadays. Doha now is reaping the fruits of its regime’s behavior and its internal and external policies it has been following over the past years so the features of forced change looming in the horizon with the beginning of the new year; either complying and surrender to international laws and treaties, especially those related to combating terrorism and obeying with the demands of the Arab Quartet, or more isolation that Qatar will not be able to resist any more. This is a fact which every observer of the Qatari issue has become aware of, after the Qatari media has been unable to conceal the reality any longer, thus dropping the Qatari propaganda and revealing the urgent need of Doha for its Arab brothers!

Qatar, which has become the most important part of the tripartite evil and the triangle of terrorism with the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran, is currently facing internal and external crises, capable of causing a severe earthquake inside Qatar if the regime continues its stubbornness and insistence on its subversive policies, due to the emergence of new factors added to the previous ones, and strengthen the possibility of the fall of the Qatari state as a whole, if the regime’s policies persists on such way without internal movement that could save the country. A resentful and frustrated Qatari interior, thanks to the regime’s policies, has become certain that a change must be made to save the country from collapse and to pave the way for the return of the Qatari state to the Arab ranks and the Gulf covenants, after the regime went too far in abusing and conspiring against its fraternal countries for decades which put Doha before two choices: either collapse or return to its brothers.

By exhausting the wealth of the people and the state, the Qatari regime has been able to buy Western political positions and silence over its subversive violations and policies in the Arab countries, taking advantage of historic, Arab, religious, geographic and fraternal partnership, in order to implement its conspiracy policies against brothers in Arab countries, especially the Gulf ones. However, there had to be an end to these policies that the peoples of the region have been suffering from for a long time and bearing the resulting crises, strife and quarrels. The Arab response came by deciding to boycott the Qatari regime until it returns to its senses. It was a very wise decision that led to the siege of terrorist activities and contributed greatly to the return of security and stability for many countries in the region.

The exploitation of brotherly relations and the historical, religious and national partnership with the Arab brothers, especially the Gulf ones, in addition to using Iran and its arms and the Muslim Brotherhood and its groups, as well as the financial ability to bribe, buy silence and political positions and media hegemony were the main reasons that made the Qatari regime avoid impunity, and as a result misbehaving with the Arab brothers.

However, the Arab response, which still on, has stressed that no return for Qatar unless the Qatari government returns to its senses and accept the conditions of the Arab Quartet, which guarantee security and stability in the region and remove the causes of the Qatari abuses and remove the reasons that prevent Qatar from being brought to account and led it to misbehave. It is a Gulf and Arab right and duty demanded by all the peoples of the region and all Arab governments must respond to popular demands to stop the interference and terrorist activities of the Qatari regime that have killed and displaced millions.

With this Arab determination, both governments and people, signs of Qatari surrender have started to loom and the need to comply with the Arab demands due to several reasons, the most important of which are: the severe losses caused by the Qatari regime of the Qatari state, and the resulting crises and political and economic problems that are worsening day by day, in addition to the decline of the Iranian power and the Muslim Brotherhood upon which the Qatari regime was relying against the countries of the region, and became more stubborn and aggressive with their supportive stances to the Qatari positions, as well as linking the success of several important projects and programs, especially the hosting of the World Cup 2022, with Qatar’s return to the Arab and Gulf body.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

December 31 , 2018

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