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Qatar’s attention was directed towards the Zionist forces, especially Israel since day one Hamad bin Khalifa took office in 1995. The next year, the process of inaugurating a chamber of shared diplomatic and economic interests began with hidden political and security objectives between Doha and Tel Aviv. The relationship later developed into strong commercial relations and secret economic and security deals through which Doha offered many concessions and services to the Israeli side to gain the support of influential Zionist political, military and security leaders in Israel, the United States and some Western countries.

The quick success of Hamad bin Khalifa’s coup on his father, Khalifa bin Hamad Al-Thani, and the coincided event of opening the Israeli commercial office in Doha and the signing of an agreement to sell Qatari gas to Israel indicate the cooperation, coordination and the services Hamad bin Khalifa had received from Israel and the Zionist lobby enabled him to easily coup against his father Khalifa bin Hamad and without opposition from the major powers. Israel has assured Emir Hamad bin Khalifa of the success of the coup and the no objection of the great powers in exchange for concessions provided by the Qatari regime to serve the Zionist project in the region and help Israel to eliminate the Palestinian cause and swallow the Palestinian territories.

Israel has been able to form a network that controls the Qatari policy completely, starting with the head of the regime, Hamad bin Khalifa, and through many influential officials in the most important government institutions, ministries, the army and Qatar’s intelligence service, until Qatar became an Arab tool for the Israeli project in the region. Tel Aviv has also been keen to use Arab and Western figures working inside Qatar as media professionals or advisers whom their job id to work as liaison and to spy on all decisions and behavior of the Qatari regime and its figures.

The Zionist entity has acted in an insidious manner to present Qatar as the most important Arab state that helps the Palestinians and supports their cause. It also facilitated for Qatar the financing of the Palestinian factions and the assistance of the Palestinian people so that it can reach all factions and segments of the Palestinian society, influence their decisions and control the Palestinian and Arab public opinion, especially regarding the Palestinian question and the confrontation with Israel. The goal is to use Qatar politically and informationally to achieve Zionist goals in the region. Qatar’s efforts to ignite strife, wars and fighting in the countries of the region under the name of the “revolution” were an Israeli Zionist scheme aimed at weakening the Arab regimes and armies, especially these neighboring Israel, while instructing Qatar and its media tools and ideological arms to adopt the policy of sabotaging the image of Arab regimes and presenting them as dictatorial oppressive ones while presenting Israel as a modern democratic state enjoying security and stability.

Israel has established intellectual, media and security centers to plot against the Arab countries and to take them to the maximum extent possible of chaos, using Qatar and its media tools as well as its influence on the Arab peoples through the Muslim Brotherhood and extremist intellectual leaders with a popular base in the Arab world such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Israel has been successful indeed in igniting sedition and spreading chaos and instability in several Arab countries, while failed in several others, but every Arab country had an Israeli plan to ignite sedition and chaos through Qatar and its tools.

In return, the Zionist powers supported Doha in many ways, mainly by ensuring the silence of many Western governments, led by the United States and Britain, to Qatar’s subversive activities and Doha’s policies in supporting terrorism and instability, after these governments have seen that this is planned by Israeli and serves the interest of the Zionist entity, in addition to enabling Qatar to hold huge economic and trade deals with hundreds of billions with Western companies and institutions controlled by the Zionist entity.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

January 10, 2019

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