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The insistence of the Qatari regime on its intransigence and its contempt for the security and stability of the region, as well as the expansion of its activities and its destructive policies in an apathetic manner, raise many questions: to what extent Qatar has become a colony for external forces that use it as a tool to spread chaos and tampering with the security and stability of the Arab countries?  What is the reason for its intransigence and its refusal to comply with the 13 conditions of the Arab Quartet countries? And why is it persisting on its supportive policies of terrorist groups, incitement against the countries of the region and conspiring with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood?

Although the Qatari regime’s symbols recognize that Doha’s policies are contrary to the interests of the Arab national security, the interests of the country and the future of the Qatari people, they are completely unable to redress the matter and save Qatar from drowning and retreating from betrayal of the Arab nation and conspiring against neighboring countries.

This means that the main reason for the Qatari intransigence and its refusal to resolve the crisis and comply with the demands of the Arab Quartet is the presence of a number of influential political, military and security figures in Qatar, who became a puppet for Iran, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood, and turned into tools whose main task is the implementation of Iranian and Turkish expansionist agendas in the region. This means that the most important condition for reconciliation with Qatar is the removal of those officials from the political scene and stripping them of all their powers, because their presence would mean the absence of any hope to resolve the crisis, save Qatar and bring it back to the Arab and Gulf domain.

Therefore, the removal of those officials has become an integral part of the counterterrorism operation. This must be an international demand, not only for the Arab Quartet countries, because achieving that will mean success and further achievement in the counterterrorism operation on the one hand and a breakthrough of the Qatari crisis on the other.

Among those officials, Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al-Thani, who has been playing recently as a defense lawyer for Iran’s terrorist activities, and Hamad bin Jasim bin Jabr Al-Thani, a former prime minister and foreign minister of Qatar, who is still considered the most important advocator who is used by Iran to attack Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab League, and has powers that may exceed the powers of Prince Tamim bin Hamad. Hamad Bin Jasim is one of the biggest advocators of chaos and destruction in the region, and his role in supporting conspiracies against the Arab countries is documented and exposed and there is no need to prove it. He plays the main role in the Iranian-Qatari rapprochement, and even his personal protection depends on Iranian elements of the Revolutionary Guard!

There is also Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, the former emir of Qatar, who took power in 1995 after a coup against his father. Hamad is the main responsible for starting the crisis between his country and the Arab states. He is the founder of Qatari relations with the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist leaderships, which were the cause of spreading chaos, instability and terrorism in the region. Moreover, there is Hamad’s wife, Mozah Al-Missned, the mother of current Emir Tamim bin Hamad, who is considered the ultimate and the de facto ruler in Qatar. She is the main driver of all domestic and foreign policy moves. She has a big role in Qatar’s intransigence and persistence on continuing to antagonize the Arab countries and this is due to psychological reasons related to her hostile attitude towards the Gulf states.

In addition, there are Iranian and Turkish military and security officers who work officially in the army, the security services and the Qatari intelligence service. Their mission is to impose strict control on Qatari commanders and military officers and to supervise the implementation of all orders issued by the regime. Those people must be removed as well as stopping their infiltration of Qatari institutions by Iran, the Turks and the Muslim Brotherhood as a fundamental step for the return of relations with Qatar, as well as political and media personalities who have done great harm to the Arab countries and have contributed greatly to widening the dispute gap with Qatar who must be brought to trial, such as Azmi Bishara, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the leaders of the fugitive Muslim Brotherhood in Doha and Qatari journalists who played a big role in incitement and distortion, such as Abdullah Al-Athbah, editor of the Qatar-based Al Arab newspaper, and one of the most important tools in fueling the Qatari crisis against the Arab quartet.

With these people around there is no way that Qatar can return to its senses or comply with the Arab demands and stop its terrorist activities against the Arab countries, especially the Gulf ones. Therefore, the most important factor is to remove such people from the Qatari political scene and stop all their practices and activities as an integral part of normalizing relations with Qatar.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

January 15, 2019

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