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Amid international concerns, Houthi’s reckless policies, which have recently escalated because of the political and battle defeats of their putschists militia, have been increasing. Al-Houthi elements are pursuing a retaliation policy from the Yemeni people by permitting several violations, attacks and crimes and by implementing schemes aimed at thwarting the agreement of Sweden and preventing an agreement ending the Yemeni war, as well as looting money and intimidating the Yemeni people.

These activities and practices unequivocally prove that Houthis do not have clear national or strategic objectives, and that they are only an Iranian tool that has nothing to do with its decision, and the current violations and sabotage activities and policies to thwart the Swedish agreement through the breach of this agreement is in accordance with the directives of Tehran, in order not to allow an agreement to end the war in Yemen, while exercising the maximum extent of evasion and distortion of facts.

The fears are mounting after the revelation of Iran’s intentions to use the Yemeni war and the Houthi group to avenge the US policies and sanctions imposed on it and the consequent crises and problems that have threaten the survival of the Iranian regime, in addition to Iran’s attempt to use the Houthi group to continue fighting and intransigence in order to pressure the Saudi-led coalition, which leads the combat against terrorism and the Iranian interference in the region.

One of the aims of the recent Houthi violations to the Swedish agreement, as well as the disruption of the political and diplomatic solution, is to coverage the internal division that has afflicted the ranks of the putschists and to hide the economic and financial hardships suffered by the Houthi group due to the recent shortage of Iranian supplies following the sanctions on Iran and the Arab coalition countries thwarting a number of Iranian supply operations to Houthi groups in Yemen, which have put the putschists in a vulnerable position, which the group has faced by raising its violations to the Swedish agreement as an attempt to show itself as still strong before the Yemeni people.

Among the absurd  acts and violations of the Houthi group are the continuation of the military operations against the Yemeni people, the expansion of its military deployment, contrary to the provisions of the Swedish convention, firing missiles at the gatherings of the legitimacy forces, committing assassinations and abductions of Yemeni tribal figures and sheikhs, escalating the media propaganda against the head of the United Nations’ redeployment committee, Patrick Camert, and their refusal to implement the agreement to withdraw under the auspices of the Coordinating Committee for Redeployment.

The deeds of the Houthis also including the recruitment of children in their battles, the imposition of royalties and taxes, targeting schools, universities, hospitals and health centers, or turning them into training camps and centers for brainwashing likewise ISIS’ way, and full control of the health facilities and turn them into centers of Houthis elements only, and not allowing them to provide any medical or health service to non-Houthis elements, which is another violation added to the violations of the Houthi repeated against the Yemeni people.

More seriously, the Houthi group, with the aim of reducing the significant shortage of the number of its fighters following the repeated defeats and the refusal of Yemeni youth to join their project and coup, as well as the escape of some fighters and the surrender of others, in addition to the refusal of a large number of militia elements participating in the fighting because not receiving their wages, over the past few days, children have been forcibly recruited, such as school children, members of charities, social protection homes and associations of the disabled, who were taken to the fronts to fill the large gap in their combat elements. Reports confirm that the putschists have recruited about 500 of these vulnerable people so far, and these recruitment is still ongoing under the supervision of the highest Houthi leaders and under the direction and orders of the leadership of the Iranian Quds Force.

These reckless and indiscriminate practices confirm that the putschists are currently experiencing their most difficult stages, and that they are on route to falling and collapsing, due to successive defeats and losses and weak Iranian support. The Houthi leaders have realized that they are currently in the greatest predicament imposed by their terrorist activities from within and Iranian plans from abroad, and that there is no hope of continuing this coup and from the implementation of the Iranian plans, and that surrender is the only way to them.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

January 16, 2019

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