23 Jan

For more than two decades, Qatar has been the key to Israeli infiltration of Arab societies and a Zionist tool to reach out to Arab societies and influence public opinion through several parties and political and media groups affiliated with it and deployed throughout the Arab world, mainly the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Jazeera channel.

At the beginning, according to many reports, Israel managed to penetrate the largest and most organized Arab and Islamic terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, through Qatari leaders. Israel enticed the Qatari regime by promising to expand Doha’s influence and give it regional and global influence. In turn, the Qatari regime lured Muslim Brotherhood leaders with money and promised positions in the countries in which the organization can access power. However, The Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of power in Egypt and their attempts in other countries and then their loud fall turned into a scandal that revealed the extent of the Qatari-Ikhwani conspiracy with Israel against the Arab states and peoples. The fall of the Muslim Brotherhood was a defeat for the Zionist entity, Qatar, Turkey and Iran, the quartet that supports the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, since Qatar is an Arab country and the other three remaining parties openly pursue aggressive policies towards the Arab nation, Qatar remained at the forefront, and the active tool of these forces to pass expansionist, subversive and terrorist projects in Arab countries. For this reason, Qatar has turned the facts to pass these destructive projects, using its financial resources, diplomatic and political powers, and its media and press machines.

After the boycott, and the Qatari losses at all levels, the Qatari regime began to take another suicidal and more dangerous course against the interests of the Arab and Islamic nation by forming alliances with evil forces which have been brought together through their terrorist policies and the losses and regional and international isolation they have suffered. Qatar did not even need to justify its relations with these regimes and terrorist organizations, which opened the appetite of the Zionist entity to expand and strengthen its relations with Doha more and more, as it becomes more hostile to the Arab nation and seeks further destruction and support of terrorism and the spread of chaos in the region.

Currently, following the failure of the Qatari scheme in most Arab Asian countries and the exposure of the objectives of its subversive policies, Israel’s attention has shifted to use the Qatari policies on the African continent and the penetration of African societies through Qatar and the Muslim Brotherhood through the re-positioning of Doha and its allies, Ankara and Tehran, in the black continent and turning it into a place to target the Middle East and hit the interests of Arab countries, especially Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and the countries that thwarted the Qatari-Ikhwani projects in the region.

At present, the Qatari activities in the African continent, in parallel with similar Israeli activities, came after Iranian and Turkish movements in Sudan, Chad, South Africa and some North African countries. All these moves indicate to the existence of a quadruple alliance, Qatari-Israeli-Turkish-Iranian aimed at repositioning and putting new objectives and plans with the aim of spreading chaos in the Middle East and attempting to target the interests of the Arab and Gulf countries, especially Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain, by using Africa’s ports, lands and shores, where Qatar is the main coordinator and focal point among the members of this disastrous alliance.

Qatar, in its intensive coordination among members of the alliance of evil and terrorism, seeks to build bases in various African regions to spread chaos there by forming groups and training them to carry out terrorist operations targeting the interests of the Arab quartet in sea and land and intensifying terrorist activities in order to serve the project of creative chaos that is adopted by Israel, Turkey and Iran, the three regional powers that have expansionist projects at the expense of the Arab states, where the first steps to implement them is by spreading chaos and insecurity.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

January 23, 2019