The Turkish authorities insist on finding a foothold in Libya at any cost and in any way. Having failed to intervene in that country legally, it has resorted to twisted methods that violate international laws and norms through the manufacture and support of terrorist groups, to the extent that Turkey has become an occupying state for a part of the Libyan territory that is controlled by the terrorists Turkey are supporting.

Many government reports have confirmed Turkey’s involvement in supporting terrorism in Libya. For instance, Libyan customs officials announced last December that they had seized a Turkish ship laden with weapons at the port of Al-Khums, east of Tripoli. The ship was carrying tons of arms and ammunition coming from Turkey. Moreover, Greece had also announced previously seizing a Turkish ship bound for Libya with about 500 tons of explosives. There are many reports and proofs that Turkey insists on supporting terrorists in Libya by supplying them with arms and money, which is a flagrant violation of the Security Council resolutions and a transgression of the security and stability of Libya and North African countries.

Many analysts and experts attribute the escalation of terrorism in Libya to the Turkish shipments of arms and ammunition that reach the terrorist groups there, as well as the continued Qatari financial support to them. Ankara continues to supply weapons to terrorist groups in Libya in numerous and twisted ways. Large ships laden with arms and ammunition come from Turkey and reach Libyan ports where they are emptied and distributed on the terrorist groups.

In addition, Libyan security forces have seized in several occasions many vehicles and trucks carrying Turkish weapons in several Libyan cities and villages on their way to terrorist groups there. This was confirmed by Abdul Qadeer Abdullah Abis, the police chief of Tobruk, who announced the seizure of vehicles loaded with Turkish weapons in the city. In addition, officials in Misrata announced the seizure of containers full of Turkish weapons which claimed to carry household utensils and toys, indicating that Ankara has already transferred many shipments of arms to its terrorist groups under the guise of trade and export, humanitarian aid and others. This is what worries Algeria, which sees this as a threat to its security because of Turkish activities and movements in Libya. Algeria is confident that part of the weapons smuggled by Turkey into Libya directly reaches terrorist groups in Algeria as well!

The Turkish insistence on supporting terrorism in Libya confirms that the main sponsor of this is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who managed to turn Turkey into a dictatorial security state in which he can be alone in making decisions. A scheme that was drawn up by the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, aimed at controlling Turkey and its resources and then devoting it to serve the strategic interests of the Muslim Brotherhood, which will only be achieved by spreading, supporting and expanding terrorism.

According to reports from inside Turkey, Erdogan entrusted the task of executing this job and managing weapons’ shipment to Libya, to the Turkish intelligence service, to keep the matter out of sight and media.

Turkey’s support for terrorism in Libya is aimed at undermining any peace process as well as boosting the chance of radical Islamists backed by Qatar, Sudan and Turkey to come to power and then turning Libya into an Ikhwani colony and exploiting its wealth and resources to serve the devastated Muslim Brotherhood project. Not only that, Erdogan’s desire to retaliate against the Egyptian president Al-Sisi continues to dominate his mind and preoccupies the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, who lost important relations in Egypt after the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood, so the Brotherhood seeks to turn Libya into a haven for extremist and regional groups to target Stability of Egypt and an attempt to bring the extremists back to power.

Turkey and Qatar also believe that Libya can work as a gateway through which arms can be smuggled to the rest of the terrorist groups deployed in Africa. Reports have shown that they have already succeeded in transferring part of the weapons to several terrorist groups in Africa, including Nigeria’s Boko Haram, Ansaruddin Group, Tawhid and Jihad in Mali, and the Somali Youth Movement.

In other words, Turkey and Qatar have become tools to implement the Ikhwani project in North Africa, where Turkey has become the main supplier of arms to terrorist groups in Libya and North Africa, and Qatar is the main financer. The organization of the Muslim Brotherhood aims to turn some lands in Africa into bases and training camps for terrorists to use them later to pressure governments on the one hand and to undermine the security and stability of Arab countries that combat terrorism such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and others.

Al Mezmaah Studies & Research Centre

January 27, 2019